11 Bizarre Animals You Can See Straight Through.

11 Bizarre Animals You Can See Straight Through. November 16, 2018

The world is full of strange and weird yet amazingly beautiful creatures. But the most fascinating ones are the transparent ones, the almost invisible animals who appear to be magical with their see-through bodies. Being invisible is one thing that everyone has dreamt about. But it is a reality for some animals that use it for their betterment and safety. This is an advantage that keeps these animals protected from their predators and also helps them to blend in with their habitat. These animals are simply hidden in plain sight. So check out some of the transparent and glassy animals that are lurking around us.Glass Frogs are see-through amphibians that are mostly found in Central and South America. They are lime-green and have translucent bellies which make their internal organs, bones and the blood vessels visible.

The almost invisible creature has been named the Moon Jellyfish because the name relates to the four horseshoe-shaped organs which are seeable through its upper section. The visible organs are the reproductive organs which appear to be white in males and pale pink in females. It is one of the most recognizable see-through animals as it frequently washes up on the shorelines.

This octopus is one of the most mysterious creatures, elusive and deep-dwelling species of the world. The only opaque parts are the eyes and the digestive organs. They seem to wander like ghosts around the deep waters.

The creature has been named Sea Walnut because it looks like any other transparent dollop. They have no eyes or brain and move very slowly. They look like combs and hence are also called comb jellies that use their combs to trap their prey. They are considered ravenous predators that have even deprived the larger animals of food.

Butterflies are often associated with colorful and flashy creatures that stand out for their eye-catching appearance. But the Glasswing Butterfly has see-through wings. One can clearly get a visual description of the sight behind the wings. These are mostly found in Mexico and Panama.

Ghost Shrimps are most popular for their see-through appearance. They are so transparent that one can even see the food in their stomachs. In the case of the female shrimps, the green-tinted eggs are also visible before they spawn. Also they make popular pets as they clean up the tanks by feeding on detritus. Their natural habitat is in the brackish water of wetlands where they are skilled scavengers.

Sea butterflies are basically marine snails that feed themselves by deploying a net of mucus over their wings to trap food particles. After trapping the food, they suck back the net into their mouths in order to regain the nutrients that were utilized while making it.

These are popularly known as Goldbug as they can shine like metallic gold. Also, it resembles a chameleon as it can change its color to red. It is one of the tiniest transparent creatures on Earth at 0.2 to 0.3 inches.

Antarctic Icefish are undoubtedly one of the most wonderful and transparent creatures. They are so well adapted with their surroundings that they even have an antifreeze glycoprotein in their blood which stops the formation of any kind of ice crystals in their body. They certainly are a dominant species in the Antarctic waters.

These are mollusks native to the Arctic Ocean. They are hermaphroditic and feed on other species of winged mollusks. With their translucent wings they appear to be both ghostly and magical.

Found during a deep sea expedition in the North Atlantic, it is also called Phronima and is one of the strangest species ever discovered.