Teen Girl Was SCALPED Taking A Selfie On A Ferris Wheel.

Teen Girl Was SCALPED Taking A Selfie On A Ferris Wheel. October 15, 2018

Nowadays it is not enough to have fun and do something special, it must be documented in the form of a selfie. If it’s not shared on social media, how can people know you are living a full, rich life. While focusing on getting the perfect shot, folks are ignoring their basic safety instincts of paying attention to their surroundings, instead, getting seriously hurt in freak selfie accidents. Last year, the travelling site Condē Nast Travel said there were at least ten selfie-related deaths.

People are falling down stairs, bridges, have been shot in the head, and gored by bisons. The situation has gotten so dangerous that the European Uniton proposed last year to ban selfies in major landmarks like the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Trevi Fountain in Rome. These tragedies and serious accidents, however, are not exclusive to important tourist attractions only. ->**WARNING: The photos and video contain graphic images.**<-.

She made the poor decision to take a selfie and leaned too close to the machine.

The accident happened 40 miles north of Delhi in India.

When the operator noticed what was happening, he stopped the ride.

Visitors in the park were trying to hold her head and gently pull her off.

Local reporting say the girl is 16 years old.

Dusserah is the celebration of good defeating evil in the Hindu religion.

It is not clear how quickly everything happened or how much time the teen had to wait for the machine to stop turning.

This made the rescue that much harder as the attached hair was also stuck in the machine.

Last year an Indian died while taking a selfie in front of an oncoming train.

She is currently going through medical treatment.

->**Watch the video as people desperately try to free her from the ride.**<-