Selfie Of A Woman With Two Faces Is Terrifying Twitter Today.

Selfie Of A Woman With Two Faces Is Terrifying Twitter Today. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Some claim that selfies are a form of self-expression while others compare it more to self-absorption. But regardless of your stance on the matter is, the selfie craze is sweeping through social media, and there may be no end in sight. That’s because whether we like it or not, image is terribly important to us. We often define ourselves by the praises and opinions of others. But when we post a photo on social media, we often leave ourselves vulnerable to negativity as well. Then there’s those rare moments where we leave people more baffled than the season 10 finale of *The X-Files*.That’s nothing out of the ordinary, right? After all, it looks like two young people holding each other and facing the camera in a standard pose.

If you look closely, there’s more to this photo than meets the eye and it’s actually kind of spooky once you figure it out.

Look to the left hand side of the selfie and you’ll notice the girlfriend turning back and smiling at the reflection. But wait! The angle of that reflection is all wrong!

She has her back facing against the mirror, so how we see her face showing up in the mirror anyway? It’s impossible, right?

But they couldn’t figure out how something this odd could happen, and it was starting to freak people out. Was this a still from some paranormal horror flick?

Some wrote “Delete this,” out of fear while others were completely baffled by the image. Some Twitter users even suggested that the phenomenon was demonic in nature.

But one follower picked up on a clue in the photo’s caption and it became clear that this was just some trick to gain some followers while making fun of the fact that his girlfriend’s a Gemini. So in other words, two personalities equaled two reflections.

This has left people on social media wondering if the image was simply a well Photoshopped trick, or something a bit more sinister.

Some claimed that in Madeline Ochoa’s bathroom selfie, the pattern and color of her top appeared to change depending on which device they used to view it without explanation.

Around this time last year, a similar image went viral that also depicted a hidden face in a reflection behind this couple. Are the hairs on the back of your neck sticking out yet?

However, Twitter users have come with a few theories like the possibility that it was a trick of the pattern on the woman’s headscarf or that the image was doctored, but for now, it remains an unsolved mystery.

Just take a look at this image of a girl who took the definition of a curvy body to a whole new level when she Photoshopped a thinner waist and a booty that even Kim Kardashian would be envious of.

It’s hurting our brains trying to figure out how this was even possible and it also left a lot of people online scratching their heads too.

Still trying to figure out? Okay, we’ll tell you. The third leg on the left isn’t a leg at all. It’s the bottom of the vase. But its shape and coloring makes it tricky to distinguish from the girl’s actual legs.

Which way is the cat going, up or down? It plagued internet users back on April 2015, but if you look at it closely, it’s really a matter of perspective, though we’re guessing you should have been there to really tell if that was walking upstairs or downstairs.

But when you take a closer look you’ll notice that the boat appears to be floating above the water. Some would argue that it’s simply a type of mirage, but others are still convinced that this is an actual ghost ship.

But our instincts aren’t always right. Look closer and you’ll that there’s something seemingly cloaked like “The Predator” on the rug.

If your eyes are actually hurting from looking too hard, then here it is. Now tell us this wouldn’t be a great way to hide the phone from your teenage daughter when she’s grounded? It’s in plain sight, yet never seen.

Well Taira Rose posted a photo of this jacket on the Tumblr page “Dammit Michael” and asked if social media could help put an argument between her and a friend to rest. She claimed that the jacket was black and brown and her friend claimed it was white and blue. You figure it out.

Try different angles. Find your best side and the right angle by tilting your head left and right or angling your face upward, because not everyone looks good with a straight-on shot.

If you have an adorable kitten like this one, pose with it. You can always use a stuffed animal, but the real thing is always so much better.

It enhances how you look, but don’t angle your phone if you’re standing by a window and if you take it outside, make sure the sun is directly behind you.

You certainly don’t want to take a photo looking like a wet rag, so spice things up a bit by frowning or goofing off. If all else fails and you really want to get someone’s attention, add an optical illusion and wow or scare the crap out of your followers.

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