The 30 Most Revealing Selfies Of 2014.

The 30 Most Revealing Selfies Of 2014. December 29, 2016

If you browse through your social newsfeeds at any time of the day, you are bound to see one of your friends sharing a selfie. Selfies have been popular since 2013, but in 2014 the selfie trend was embraced by nearly the entire world. Celebrities, athletes, and even politicians joined the trend and helped to make the word “selfie” part of our pop culture. “Selfie” was Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year for 2013, but according to Twitter, the word “selfie” was mentioned over 92 million times this year, which was a 500% increase from 2013. Television host Ellen Degeneres had a record breaking selfie. Her Oscar selfie got over 2.5 million retweets and almost 1.2 million favorites on Twitter. It currently holds record for the retweeted photograph in history. Check out these 30 selfies from around the world and see why will this year will be known as the year of the “selfie.”

Super star Lady Gaga shared this awesome selfie on Instagram with her lovely puppy.

During an event in Chicago, Start Trek actor LaVar Burton took this selfie with his co-stars.

NASA released this selfie of its Curiosity rover. It is currently exploring Mars.

Alexander Remnev and Volodya Sidorov took this incredible selfie on top of the Princes Tower in Dubai.

German teammates Lukasz Podolski and Bastian Schweinsteiger take a selfie as they celebrate their World Cup final victory.

This is probably Americas most powerful selfie. Vice President Joe Biden posted this flick with his friend president Barack Obama.

Joseph Kelly Jr. takes a selfie with Derek Jeter before his final game.

Michael Jordan recently took over the Hornets twitter. He posted this selfie in order to prove to the fans that it was really him.

George Kourounis took this extreme selfie in front of a volcanic island in Vanuatu.

NASA collected selfies from people around the world and made them into an interactive map.

A pilot for the Netherlands Air Force took this selfie with a Boeing 787 right next to him.

Katie Holroyde got a chance to snap a selfie with Alberto Contador at the start of the Tour De France in Leeds, England.

Don’t worry, he’s okay.