Michigan Students Gain Internet Fame For Their Senior IDs.

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At North Farmington High in Michigan, seniors are looking truly outrageous.

High School IDs have more restrictions than a driver's license or a passport photo. But one high school is being a bit more flexible with their seniors and allowing them to dress up however they want. Some of the ID photos range from Harry Potter characters, to movie stars, and even political figures like President Trump. But the ID photos aren't just staying on these student IDs. The pics that have a number of pop culture reference and have gone viral on Twitter. We're pretty sure this will set off a trend, at least if seniors can convince their schools across America to do the same.It's back to school for Jem. But hey! Isn't Jem's real name supposed to be Jerrica Benton? Who's this Adrianah? Kidding aside, she looks absolutely fabulous as Jem!

Kevin! What did you do? Oh wait! It's just Matthew Swarthout!

Guess it's better to put on a shocked face than to have a shocked look on your face when you take a photo that doesn't look exactly how you pictured it.

Whoa! Zayn Malik! Is that really you in that photo?

Okay, so it's not, but he's certainly a spitting image of the British singer and songwriter. Fortunately, he's not 24 years old like the real Zayn or we'd be worried for his future.

Is it just us or are these North Farmington High seniors ready for "The Office"?

Looks like these two have been spending way too much time in the school's office, but hopefully so they could work during their free period and not because they spent in the principal's office.

Oh Urkel! The only thing missing here is your beloved Laura!

It seems like these kids have a wicked sense of humor, and also love to bring classic characters back, like Urkel from "Family Matters" to ensure we never forget.

These seniors aren't the latest students to emulate pop culture icons either.

Other students from previous years have also enjoyed this hilarious perk that comes with attending this school and making it to senior year.

It looks like Sarah Lynch might be running for class president.

Can't you tell that she's totally hinting at it as she embraces the hair and the mannerisms of the 45th president of the United States.

Lynn Lerner hilariously proves why staying in school is essential.

Unlike the character from "We're The Millers," Lynn is undoubtedly a better speller, or she better be, since this is her senior year.

As if... anyone wouldn't confuse Shelby for Alicia Silverstone!

Some high school seniors are totally clueless, which is probably why she embraced the look of Silverstone's character, Cher Horowitz.

A good education can be the ultimate recipe to a better career choice.

Let's hope Jillian only enjoys dressing up as the redheaded girl from the popular Wendy's fast food chain. It's okay if she works there part-time, but only to pay her college tuition.

Abigail Coleman as determined to go a little cray-cray for cotton candy.

She even looks as young as Beatrix Hard, the 3-year-old Mariners' fan who went nuts from the sugar rush of the cotton candy she was holding in her hand.

Is that Darla Sherman from "Finding Nemo?" And what's that she's holding?

Well, it's certainly not Darla, but this senior went to a lot of trouble to look like her. We sure hope no goldfish were harmed in the making of this senior photo ID.

Looks like someone's a big Eddie Murphy fan at this school.

Maybe he's not trying to represent Murphy's character in "Coming to America." Maybe he just wants to become homecoming king at the prom this year.

Ah, ain't brotherhood grand? Sometimes you just want to reach out and hug him.

Other times you want to reach for his neck and hug him with your fingers. Hopefully, these two photo IDs won't be admitted into evidence if it happens.

There's nothing cooler than imitating the greats like Audrey Hepburn.

Yes, she's gone, but like Elvis, there seems to be a sighting of her alive and well at North Farmington High in Michigan. And she's really hungry too.