Service Dog Photos That Powerfully Capture The True Meaning Of ‘Loyalty.’

Service Dog Photos That Powerfully Capture The True Meaning Of ‘Loyalty.’ April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Soldiers in our country deserve to be treated with the utmost respect. They dedicate their lives to fight for our country. What a lot of people don’t know, however, is that alongside some soldiers are soldier dogs. Dogs have been used in warfare and on the battlefield for thousands of years. To this day, they’re still used as trackers, scouts, sentries, and mine detection dogs. Around 5,000 military dogs served during the Vietnam War and have continued to be involved during all major conflicts. Check out some of the photos below of the most loyal service dogs ever.Now that’s one wet lick I wouldn’t mind getting on my face.

It’s like it was his destiny in life to become the brave firefighter he is today.

Every wounded warrior needs companionship.

This dog is braver than most human beings. Look at the way he’s going down the ladder.

Navy Seal Jon Tumilson was killed in Afghanistan crash.

“Those pesky cats will really get it this time! I’ll show them who’s boss.”

Her dog looks so kind and gentle, but watch out, he’s probably a badass on the field.

Both the dog and marine must be so proud!

One of the most heartwarming photos I’ve ever seen of a funeral.

Even highly trained combat dogs love their attention!

“Wake up dad, it’s time to sniff bombs and other foreign objects!!!”

All dogs require loving, including service dogs! They probably need it the most.

However, this dog’s salute looks kinda funky. He doesn’t look as serious as he should be.

Paying respect to the dogs who deserve it.

You can tell from the look in his eyes that his soldier friend will be greatly missed.

And it appears the dog is in a playful mood. Hopefully they’re not in the middle of anything too important.

It’s like one big tight-knit family.

He has so much discipline and you can tell the dog trusts his masters so much!

Now this is the type of ride-or-die dog we all need by our sides.

It looks like he’s excited and already enjoying his retirement!

What “friends till death do us part” really looks like.

What a beautiful yet powerful image. The photographer took it just at the right time.

It’s so great seeing a dog flying first class, but of course he deserves it!

It’s like he’s one of the boys. Love how the soldier on the dog’s right has his arm over him.

The soldier must have felt special after he woke up and saw the photos.

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