Sexy Blonde Earns $150 An Hour For A Wedding ‘Service’ Guys CAN’T Perform.

Sexy Blonde Earns $150 An Hour For A Wedding ‘Service’ Guys CAN’T Perform. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Planning a wedding is serious business. Aside from choosing the date, finding the right venue, and choosing the food, and drinks, it also includes dealing with various personalities. It might be the bride and groom’s special day but both of their families and friends have strong opinions on how things should be done. It should come as no surprise that stressed out brides will resort to hiring a wedding planner to not only take care of the details for the big day in addition to managing the different personalities involved. When it is said these professionals take care of everything, this can range from choosing the party colours, planning the day’s event, to calming nervous, and often times irrational requests. Tiffany Wright is more than a wedding planner, she is a professional bridesmaid and she is at the top of her game when it comes to throwing the perfect wedding.”After chatting to some friends who were brides, they all told me how there were times when they really needed something, but felt bad asking a bridesmaid to go and run an errand when they’d already done so much,” says Wright.

She launched The Undercover Bridesmaid where she is the go-to person on everything the bride needs.

“So I decided to set up a company offering myself as an undercover bridesmaid, so that I can do the brides dirty work and take away the stress so that they can still honour their friends who are bridesmaids,” she told The Sun.

Bridesmaids will hire Wright to do all the duties asked by the bride but they are too busy to do themselves. She also writes the speeches for them.

She said she also worked for a bride who had just moved to the city and hardly knew anyone.

She also ensures people are having fun by getting to the dance floor first.

Wright’s husband works in finance and does not understand his wive’s career choice.

“But I think I’ve proved everyone wrong, as I made a successful business out of proposals, and now this is doing really well too,” she says.

She thinks of everything in advanced in order to make sure the days goes by without a hitch.

She even helps the brides go pee by holding their dresses up for them.

“Although brides often have bridesmaids at their sides, there is not a singe person on the day who is completely dedicated to the bride,” says Wright.

“While wedding planners focus on vendors and venues, a professional bridesmaid does whatever the bride needs her to do,” Wright explains.

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