She Adopted A Senior Dog And Realized It Was Her Long Lost BF.

She Adopted A Senior Dog And Realized It Was Her Long Lost BF. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Having a pet is like having a human child. You make sure they’re healthy, happy, and loved. You worry about them when you’re away from home. And if there were to come a time when you could no longer be in their lives, it would absolutely break your heart. This story is about a woman named Nicole and her dog. When she was a child, Nicole had to say goodbye to her best friend and she thought she’d never see her again.Immediately, Nicole and Chloe became inseparable. “I just loved her to death. She was my best friend,” said Nicole in an interview.

Nicole adored Chloe and Chloe returned the love. “She was such a sweet dog. She’d lick your face forever if you didn’t stop her,” said Nicole.

When Nicole was fourteen years old, her father got a new job. His new job was working from home so that meant that the house had to be absolutely quiet while he was working.

“He was told we couldn’t have any pets. Chloe was very yappy. We had no choice. I was just a kid, so I obviously didn’t have any choice in the matter. It was heartbreaking. I didn’t want to get rid of my dog,” recalled Nicole.

Even though they were sure that Chloe would find a loving home, Nicole had a hard time saying goodbye. “I just felt so sick and sad about it I thought I’d never see or hear from her ever again,” said Nicole.

“I once called the Humane Society to try to find out what happened to her, but they couldn’t tell me anything. So, I never knew,” Nicole explained. Since Nicole knew how amazing it was to bond with a dog as a child, she wanted to give her daughter the same opportunity.

Someone had posted that there was an elderly dog in need of a home. “I saw the picture of the dog and thought, ‘That dog looks kind of familiar.’ Then I read the name — it was Chloe. The same spelling as my old dog. I thought that was such a coincidence,” recalled Nicole.

“She just kept hugging me. I was crying — it reminded me so much of my Chloe. I never thought I’d see my dog again, but I just knew in my heart that it was her,” said Nicole.

Nicole’s mom remembered that their Chloe had a microchip, so they called the vet to get the number, and brought Chloe to another veterinarian to see if the new Chloe had a microchip, as well.

After eight years, and two families, Chloe made her way back to Nicole. “She’s made herself right at home. Chloe is happy. I think she knows now that she’ll be with me forever,” said Nicole. “I’m so happy to have her back. I get so excited to come home from work to see her each day. This is just the best thing.”

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