She Ate Dinner Alone Every Night. When Her Husband Realized Why… TEARS.

She Ate Dinner Alone Every Night. When Her Husband Realized Why… TEARS. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

It’s a common scene in many marriages: One spouse comes home to find the other relaxing at the table. They’re not saying much, but their partner can sense they have a lot on their mind. Sometimes, that means making them a meal and asking them about their day — sometimes, it’s best to just let them be alone with their thoughts. One husband noticed this happening quite a bit with his own wife, and he started thinking about how hard she works, and how stressful her job must be. Learn this amazing couple’s story below — this husband’s tribute to his wife is truly moving.They live together in Rome, New York.

Their relationship seems to be about as perfect as you can get.

But Phillip noticed something about his wife that he wanted to share.

Jessica is a stroke nurse, and her job is incredibly stressful.

Phillip admires the fact that no matter how hard it gets she still keeps a positive attitude.

She leaves quickly in the morning and is exhausted at night, but Phillip understands where she’s coming from.

Jessica has to help people all day, whether they’re stroke victims, people who have been in car accidents, brain damage and much more — so when she comes home, she needs the support.

And he’ll always be her shoulder to cry on, no matter what.

And recently, he wrote a touching tribute to her on Facebook.

He feels the same about his own wife.

And with his support, she’ll make it through any stressful situation.

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