She Bashes A Car With Baseball Bat, But It Doesn’t Leave A Mark… Here’s Why.

She Bashes A Car With Baseball Bat, But It Doesn’t Leave A Mark… Here’s Why. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

What if your valuables could be nearly indestructible? For example, your brand new truck or even your favorite grocery items, if that’s what you’re into. Cue in Line-X. Line-X is made from a two-part polyurethane elastomer system, a hardener and a resin, which combine at the tip of the spray gun. And because it’s a spray on, Line-X won’t change the item shape, and it will make it more durable. According to USA Today, some pickup owners have contacted the company requesting to use the bedliner plastic for their entire vehicle. What can we say? People love to protect their things. Although it is typically used for truck and car parts, it is also used on the Walls of The Pentagon for added safety, says Tech Insider. Staff at Tech Insider experimented with the product to see how it would hold up with everyday items, such as eggs, cantaloupes, and red party cups. Check out the photos and video below to see if Line-X prevented these items from breaking.No matter how hard he struck — and he struck multiple times — there was no damage. But why is that?

If you own a pickup truck or something similar, you’ve probably already used it. Spraying on Line-X will create a thick coat of protective plastic for your vehicle, or wherever you apply it. A standard bedliner will cost about $450 to $550 on average, according to USA Today.

Tech Insider used the product on some everyday products, most of which were extremely malleable.

As you can see, this young woman is putting a considerable amount of weight onto the item and nothing is happened. Pretty amazing, huh?

Eggs are fragile. It stood no chance alone. It splattered everywhere, just like the cantaloupe that they’d tested beforehand.

When they dropped the egg to the ground, it didn’t break! Of course, the product wasn’t meant for eggs, but it’s fun to see the potential, isn’t it?

**To see Line-X in action, make sure to check out the short video below.**

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