She Creates An Unusual Braid That’s Unlike Any Hairstyle You’ve Ever Seen.

She Creates An Unusual Braid That’s Unlike Any Hairstyle You’ve Ever Seen. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

If you’re looking to accentuate the way you look, then you have to start with your hair. It’s as important if not more so than your makeup. Now there are several different do’s that you can try, but ask freelance hairstylist Iris Araujo and she’ll tell you that braids are the way to go. The wife of a surfer and mother of a little girl does all of her braid work and she’s using several platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to share how you too can enhance your look with some amazing braids.Araujo believes that artistic hairstyling can make you stand out. So why not add some flowers or even glitter to your hair and braid it?

Getting braids is the ultimate way for you to make your hairstyle practical. But this is not the kind of do you just show up to school with. Unless you have some major balls.

Araujo shows you how to make any braided look seem quick and easy to do. Plus it’ll look cute and you won’t have to do a lot to make it happen, especially on those busy days. Her look might be way too eclectic for some, but hey, it’ll save you tons in scarves!

Using curlformers or just a twist of her hands and wrists, Araujo can make her hair do wonders without the need to use products or other equipment that could burn your hair.

**So check out her video on how to style your hair into ethereally beautiful braids. Trust us. Once you go braid you’ll never go back.**

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