She Left Her Baby Alone With The Father, An Hour Later She Gets A Call Saying He Shook Her.

She Left Her Baby Alone With The Father, An Hour Later She Gets A Call Saying He Shook Her. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

When you have a child together, you tend to assume a 50/50 responsibility, whether you work or are no longer together. Someone has to take care of the kid, but when you drop them off at the other parent’s house, you assume your child is in safe hands, but that’s not always the case. Just ask Cheyenne’s mom, who had the shock of her life when she got the worst call a mother could get an hour after leaving her daughter alone with her father.She absolutely meant the world to her mom, despite the fact that her parents had separated. But the baby got to see her dad every second weekend.

Cheyenne’s mom had dropped her little girl off at her dad’s place one night. Then, about an hour later, she got a phone call that made her heart practically stop.

Cheyenne was only eight months old when her dad, James Davis Jr., had lost his cool because she wouldn’t stop crying, which isn’t uncommon for a baby.

But instead of reaching for a pacifier, he grabbed the child and shook her violently, which caused her skull to fracture, resulting in her brain starting to bleed.

Cheyenne had been flown to a nearby hospital, but she was no longer breathing. By the time the mom got to the hospital, the news had only gotten worse.

According to the specialists, Cheyenne would likely spend the rest of her life in a vegetative state. This was simply too much for the mother to bare.

“Between crying so hard I was shaking and throwing up, I was begging God to please save her or to take me instead,” she claimed.

Cheyenne’s tiny legs were dark from a blood clot, and she was swollen, particularly in her head, and there were bandages everywhere.

As if this night couldn’t get any worse, she was also informed by authorities that her ex, James had confessed to shaking Cheyenne.

James had been her first love, her high school sweetheart, and had shared her life with him for nearly 10 years, and had a daughter with him. This was unbelievable!

For his momentary lapse in judgment, James Davis Jr., was sentenced to 20 years behind bars and some would say that he got off easy.

The doctors claimed that Cheyenne wouldn’t last another night, and even if by some miracle she did, it wouldn’t be the kind of life that her mom envisioned.

Although half of Cheyenne’s brain was removed, the baby had miraculously woken up. What’s even better was that she could also talk and move.

The right side of Cheyenne’s body was completely paralyzed, but being so young, the baby didn’t seem to be emotionally affected by this handicap.

It was the story of her daughter’s young life and everything that she had struggled with since her father had attacked her so senselessly.

Clearly, nothing has stopped her from living her young life to the fullest, and it’s tough to imagine that doctors didn’t think she’d survive the night or that she’d end up a vegetable.

She also likes to keep her family, friends, and followers in the loop as to Cheyenne’s remarkable progress, which is nothing short of a miracle when you think about it.

“Be careful who you trust your children to!” Clearly, even a child’s biological father can be the wrong move if you’re not sure he can handle the stress of taking care of a baby.

Although their lives changed forever after James Davis Jr’s handiwork, Cheyenne has proven to everyone that she’s a real trooper and is ready to take on whatever life throws at her.

She starts school in mid-August of 2017, which coincides with the anniversary of when she was abused by her father. She’s also turning 6 in November and looking better than ever.

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