She Left Her Child Alone With The Dog For Seconds, Then This Happened.

She Left Her Child Alone With The Dog For Seconds, Then This Happened. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

If you have a dog, you know it’s like having a child. They are messy, rambunctious, and have a hard time listening. Imagine being the parent to a child AND a dog! It’s grounds for disaster. We’ve put together a list of reasons why you should never leave your child alone with your dog!

Leaving your baby alone with your dog might not be the best idea, especially if your cupboards are open. Even though you’ll be spending quite a bit of time cleaning, and assuring they didn’t eat anything poisonous, at least they got some valuable bonding time, right? Now they’ll be the best of friends, and partners in crime, forever. We bet you’ve never seen a dog-riding Barbie!

It’s apparent in this picture that this baby has a knack for film. Look at the way she has perfect control of her actors and the props. She’s created the perfect scene and is sure to master the art of being a director. It probably also helps to have a dog that’s as patient as this one. If you’re a child of the 90s, you’re sure to appreciate the next picture.

This child created her very own real-life Lisa Frank character and only needed a patient Dalmation and some magic markers. And since it looks like 90s trends are making a comeback, you just might be seeing more of this. This next picture is proof that growing up with cats can make you a bit crazy.

This child sure is learning a lot from her feline friends. For example, there’s better uses for spilled milk than crying. Like, bending down and slurping it all up. It tastes just as good from the cup and there’s no dirty dishes after. We all know dogs love playing catch, but this one wants to “catch ’em all.”

We have to give credit to this kid for his creativity. After all, what better way to play Pokemon Go than to let your dog run around and do all of the work for you? There’s no doubt in our minds that this kid will soon be on the top of all the leaderboards. If tech games aren’t your thing, you might get along with this next cat, who has dived into the world of legos face first.

You can see by the look on this cat’s face that he has no more of an idea of why he’s in a sea of Legos, than we do. But it definitely looks like he does not approve. His poor little paws are certainly going to have a hard time trying to get out of that lego minefield. Giving a child some stickers is honestly just asking them to stick them in places that they shouldn’t be.

It looks like this kid a future lover of body art, considering she had no problem turning her dog into a homage for Disney. But it doesn’t look like this pup is going to appreciate her artwork when he’s getting those stickers peeled out of his fur. If you’ve ever seen Toy Story, then you understand the importance of tea time. Looks like this dog knows the importance, too.

No one wants to have an afternoon tea engagement without any company, and this kid agrees. Since she can’t call her friends, she used her closest buddy, her dog. She even knows that you can’t exactly have a fancy tea party without wearing fancy tea party hats! It’s just the way it goes. The next picture you can see a budding make-up artist.

We can’t tell what’s more impressive. The child’s obvious make-up skills, or this cat’s infinite amount of patience. Honestly, the cat looks kinda scary, but you have to give props where props are earned. What would you do if you got your kids a doll and they loved it more than you? What if they rubbed that love right in your face?

It’s hard to picture a child being cruel, but here you go. This little boy is sitting at the window, feeding goldfish crackers to a stuffed dog, while his own dog is locked outside, staring in at him with envy. It looks like he might have a bit of sadism running through him. Do you enjoy dressing up your pet in ridiculous outfits? Well, this next one’s for you.

It looks like this kid has taken some fashion advice from RuPaul’s Drag Race. They did a fantastic job with the color-coordination, and that bright pink wig sure does bring out the dog’s facial structure. But, she might want to try some different shoes. The dog might have a hard time walking the runway in those heels. Up next, the most patient cat in the world.

Not only is this cat been placed in a baby swing, he was also brought to the park on a leash. This kid might just be a cat whisperer. That, or this cat is keeping it cool and doesn’t want to lead on that he’s going to act out in revenge towards this child. This next picture is a reminder to make sure your under garments aren’t left on the floor.

This kid is double trouble. Not only did he dress up his dog in inappropriate clothes, even though it’s pretty funny, he also raided his mom’s closet to do it. We hope the laughs were worth it because this just might get him grounded until his senior prom. Most cats don’t like dressing up, but this one sure does…or maybe not.

That face is saying it all. He’s sick of his little human’s shenanigans and he’s about to put a stop to it all. He looks as if he’s thinking of a million different ways to kill her off in her sleep, or better yet, cover her in cat litter. Regardless, that little girl better tighten up soon, or that’ll be the end of it all. Christmas is a time to be jolly. But, this next dog certainly doesn’t agree.

This kid was getting in the spirit of Christmas, when he decided to take it a step further, and decorate his dog with yards of tinsel. According to this dog’s face, he’ll be hiding out next year when the Christmas decorations make their way out of the attic.

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