She Left Hysterically Accurate Descriptions Of Her Four Cats For Pet Sitter.

She Left Hysterically Accurate Descriptions Of Her Four Cats For Pet Sitter. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

When you have to go away on a trip, it’s practically impossible to take your cats with you. But you can’t always trust shelters, because they might mix things up and give your pet away to someone else or euthanize them by accident and leave you heartbroken. So isn’t it nice to be able to count on a friend to watch over your beloved pets while you’re away? But every cat has a personality of its own and unusual quirks. So how does somebody who isn’t the owner know who’s who? Well, that’s where one cat owner thankfully got creative.There was Samson, Dobby, Dixie and Wilson, but how in the heck was she supposed to differentiate between the four kitties? Well, that’s where this super useful list came in.

The owner describes him as the most handsome cat you’ve ever seen and we’d have to agree. Just look at those eyes! They’re hypnotizing! It’s hard to imagine that Samson could wind up eating your corpse if you kick the bucket and there’s no food left.

It’s because Dobby is all black, and if you’re superstitious, you know about the omen behind a black cat that crosses your path. Even though some would turn the other way, we’d definitely love to cuddle next to this adorable fall of entitlement and fur.

The conversations would be crazy! I wonder if they’d have no issues telling us we annoy them with our friendship? But as the owner suggests, Dixie, whose fur coat is calico would likely speak with a squeaky voice if she were an animated Disney character. She might also be short, but she has a big heart.

He’s such an intimidating macho, that his gray, white and big butt reminds us of Tony Soprano.

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