She Removed Her Makeup To Reveal The Truth About Her Skin, And It’s Powerful.

She Removed Her Makeup To Reveal The Truth About Her Skin, And It’s Powerful. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

People are visual beings. Whether we like it or not, we make judgement of others based on appearances. And with the power of social media, it is easy to share an opinion regardless of how cruel it is about the way someone looks. Women, young and old tend to be on the receiving end of the hurtful comments. One woman named Em Ford knew all too well what it was like to be judged based on what she looked like. The 26-year-old started her own YouTube channel. Her make-up tutorials exposed her to an unlimited number of insults about her face. Rather than shut down her work, Em chose to stand up to the online bullies by showing her true self without make-up on.The London based former model is the beauty blogger behind the popular YouTube channel My Pale Skin.

Em’s tutorials usually begin with her being make-up free. This has exposed her to some very hurtful and vicious comments from people all over the world.

Em captured some of the mean and disturbing comments posted on her videos. “The problem with social media is that people forget that there is somebody else at the other end of the keyboard,” says Em.

She made a video called “You Look Disgusting.” Em does not speak at all, but let’s all the comments directed at her show up in the background.

“You have this platform and you can choose to make somebody happy or you can choose to take somebody’s happiness away in one comment,” says Em.

She wants to remind herself and others that it is ok to not be perfect.

Em admits that her acne has been so severe at times, she has felt the only way to deal with it was just to cancel her social plans.

It’s a no-win situation. If women do not wear make-up they are told they are not putting any effort in their appearance. But if women wear make-up, they are often told they are fake.

The model wanted to show through the video what she looks like in the morning and what she looks like when she leaves her London home.

The hashtag #YOULOOKDISGUSTING began trending with people sharing their own struggles with their appearances.

Since the three-minute film was released last July, over 20 million people have watched it online.

Since becoming an internet sensation, Em has stayed true to herself. She continues to be honest and unbiased with the products that work on her skin.

The Brit said the severe acne did not develop until March 2015. A lot of her tutorials are there to help that adult demographic that seems to be forgotten or unknown.

“Beauty is self confidence applied directly to the face,” says Em.

Em ends the video with a powerful quote, “you are beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Not even yourself.”

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