She Rubs Alcohol On A $50 Bill, What It Reveals… That’s Scary!

She Rubs Alcohol On A $50 Bill, What It Reveals… That’s Scary! April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Over the years, there have been plenty of attempts to counterfeit US currency — and plenty of test and tricks to fight against it. For awhile, people could simply print fake money on their own, getting shockingly accurate results. Then, real bills started getting printed with multiple (sometimes invisible) layers to prevent them from being copied. Here’s what you can look for in real bills to know it’s legit: 1. Color-shifting ink. 2. Raised printing you can feel with your finger. 3. Sharp borders without any blur. 4. Woven red and blue threads. 5. A watermark. There are a few more, but for the most part, if your bill passes these tests, then it’s likely real. However, all things considered, the following photos and video are all the more shocking. The way they’ve counterfeited this $50 bill is seamless, hard to detect, and frankly, pretty impressive. See it for yourself below.But no matter how dirty and lowdown that laundered money gets, it’s not quite as bad as this.

In other words, she wiped down a fifty dollar bill with rubbing alcoho, and was horrified to see what lay just under the surface.

This takes the concept of counterfeit money to the next level.

Whoever it was made the fake bill look absolutely seamless — until it got hit with the alcohol, of course.

Admit it: Now you’re thinking about it — but would you really want to know the truth?

**To see this counterfeiting nightmare in action, check out the video below. You’re not going to believe how realistic the changes were — and how simple it was to get to the truth.**

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