She Saw A Trash Bag Moving, Her Heart Sank When She Realized Why…

She Saw A Trash Bag Moving, Her Heart Sank When She Realized Why… April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Perhaps you’ve seen something similar before: Driving along the side of the road, you spot a plastic bag blowing along with traffic. You’d probably assume that it was trash (after all, plenty of people just throw things out their windows while driving), but in this particular instance, it wasn’t. One woman realized that, and luckily, she slowed down to get a closer look. Malissa Sergent Lewis is the woman who captured the even on camera. You can see her car rolling to an almost-stop as she happens upon a black plastic bag moving along the side of the road. At first, it seems like she’s unsure about what’s inside — and you, the viewer, will be too. When you get closer, you realize that it’s not just moving randomly. Lewis couldn’t have guessed what she’d find when she inspected it, but the second video reveals that it’s a very good thing she took the time to investigate.

**Here’s the original video of the bag, which Lewis posted to her Facebook page. As you can see, this isn’t any ordinary plastic bag.**

Shockingly, this was the little scamp that was found inside. Lewis posted both videos side-by-side on Facebook, writing, “If this is your puppy, let me know. If you are the scoundrel who put it in a garbage bag and tossed it on the side of the road…you’re a sicko.”

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