She Scattered Her Dog’s Ashes, But Later Realized He Said Goodbye Too.

She Scattered Her Dog’s Ashes, But Later Realized He Said Goodbye Too. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

There’s a reason so many people love owning pets. They’re faithful companions who will love us and stay with us, even in our darkest moments. Unfortunately, most pets, particularly dogs, have a limited lifespan, and don’t wind up accompanying us throughout our whole lives. And no one knows this better than Ashley Lang, who had such a close bond with her pooch, until one day, it passed away. But that wasn’t the end of their story. In fact, love transcended death when this woman spread her dog’s ashes, and the pooch decided to say goodbye in such an amazing way.Man’s best friend? Says who? Ashley Lang was so fortunate to have Wagner, a lovable Golden Retriever, by her side for so many years. And the two were virtually inseparable as they spent quality time in this little journey we call life.

Even when Ashley was on her cell phone, Wagner would lay there faithfully near her feet and wait until she was done. Then they’d go out and play like the amazing best friends they were. There was no better friend than this pooch.

Ashley will always remember the times when they would toss a frisbee around or just run like crazy in the snow. Unfortunately, all things must come to an end, and Wagner was already 12 years old, which for a dog is the human equivalent of old age.

Once she had Wagner’s cremated remains, she decided to go to the dog park where they had spent so much time together playing around. She planned on scattering his ashes. In a way, her dog would always remain in the place they both loved the most.

Do ghosts exist? The answer is highly debatable, but ask anyone who has lost a loved one and they’ll tell you that they’ve felt the presence of someone they loved and lost at some point, and Ashley was no exception.

She didn’t go alone, however. She had friends by her side and one of them took this unusual photo just as Ashley through the ashes in the air. It looked like a complete ghostly image of her dog was jumping through the air.

Ashley found the picture to be remarkable. It had the tails, legs and the overall form of Wagner. And while no one’s sure what awaits us once we pass away, Ashley found closure in that photo that reminded her that even death can’t separate us from those we loved with all our hearts.

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