She Sends A Frantic Text After Seeing The Condition Of Her Neighbor’s Dog.

She Sends A Frantic Text After Seeing The Condition Of Her Neighbor’s Dog. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Animals, just like human beings, have deep feelings and emotions that they express in their own unique ways. There is nothing that can replace the love of a mother for her child, regardless of age. This is no different in the animal kingdom. A canine mother, for example, not only nurses her cubs but also teaches them all the skills they will need to survive. The mother cares for them until they are mature and ready to go their own way. Separation of the puppy from its mother is hard for both. Here is one story of a mother’s love.In 2016, Sylvester was contacted by someone who was more concerned than the dog owner about the condition of a mom dog and her pups. They were in poor shape and in desperate need of rescue. Sylvester went to the dog owner’s house.

She had been separated from her pups, even though they were living in the same house. The dog owners were overjoyed to have Sylvester take the puppies with her. They were, however, against showing her the mother let alone giving her up. Sylvester accepted their decision.

Volunteers at the rescue realized the pups were malnourished, wormed, and sad. They knew at that very moment that the mother dog needed to be rescued as well. They didn’t know how they were going to accomplish this.

“There are times when dogs are rescued, then there’re times when they have to be confiscated, sometimes noses are put out of joint – our job, however, is to put the dogs’ well-being first, the humans… well, they should know better!” Sidewalk Specials wrote on their website.

The mother canine had not eaten in two days and could not gather the energy to stand up. The team went again to get the owners’ permission to give up the mommy pooch to Sidewalk Specials’ care and observation. Fortunately, they received her just in time.

She was strikingly thin, with her ribs carved out, malnourished, and dehydrated. She was rushed to the vet where she was treated with only a 5 per cent survival chance. She spent a day on drip. Later, she was in for a surprise. Mommy and the puppies were reunited. Her happiness knew no bounds. They licked, hugged, and kissed each other. Both, the pups and the mother were facing separation anxiety and depression.

They were dewormed and cared for at the foster home. Here, they gained weight and their strength. They had a new, fresh start to life. The canines made new friends in the centre

Some of the pups were adopted together and others by themselves by their forever humans.

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