You’ve Probably Never Heard Of A ‘She Shed’… But You’ll Definitely Want One.

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Continuing on the somewhat unfortunate trend of gendered living spaces - The Man Cave has now secured an spot in our cultural lexicon - comes the She Shed. Much like their manly counterparts, She Sheds are intended to be rooms that are designed specifically for the woman in mind - basically, they are like miniature, frilly living rooms, where ladies can do lady-things like sew and cook and try on wedding dresses and have babies - you know, the "things women do." Though we're not sure if separate living spaces are particularly healthy for relationships, **it's certainly nice to have a place to get away.** However, I can say with full confidence that my She Shed would be less frilly, and I would use to it hatch an elaborate heist plan. **That's the beauty of the She Shed, ladies - it can be whatever you want it to be.**