She Sprinkles Baking Soda All Over Her Mattress, 30 Mins Later It’s As Good As New.

She Sprinkles Baking Soda All Over Her Mattress, 30 Mins Later It’s As Good As New. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Most people love the mattress that they sleep on every night. The truth, however, is that it can quickly become a bacteria ground from the dead skin cells that fall off of your body. Whether you can actually see them or not doesn’t really matter, they are there. A little bit of baking soda every once in a while will clean it right up and make it as clean as it was the day you bought it. Just sprinkle some across the top of the mattress for about thirty minutes and then vacuum it off. It will be as good as new!You may love your mattress but over time it becomes a collection of dead skin cells. Those turn into other things that aren’t that great for you.

The first step is to vacuum the mattress really good. Use a different nozzle than what you normally use for the floors.

Then just sprinkle a little baking soda across the top of the mattress. Let that sit for about thirty minutes and then vacuum it all up.

If you have a stain on the mattress that’s no problem either. A mixture of warm water and some baking soda can make it look as if it was never there.

Use a fan or blow dryer to make sure it is completely dry before putting the sheets back on. You don’t want that moistness permeating inside of your mattress.

Once you clean the mattress it’s a good idea to turn it over. If this isn’t done periodically, you will notice the mattress develop indentations where you sleep. That won’t be very comfortable if that happens.

->**Here’s some other uses for baking soda.**<-

Put a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water. The simple process of ‘Swish, spit, and rinse’ gives you a mouthwash you never knew about before!

If you mix a quarter cup of coconut oil with a quarter cup of arrowroot powder, and then add a quarter cup of baking soda, you can make your own deodorant. It’s pretty common and directions can be easily found online.

It’s a reliable skin cleaner and easy to make. Three parts baking soda to one part water is the mixture you’ll need. Rub it into your face just like soap and then rinse.

You can win the never ending battle against those annoying ants. Take equal parts of baking soda and salt and mix them together. Sprinkle it wherever you see ants coming in and they won’t do it anymore.

One teaspoon of baking soda will make freshly cut flowers live longer. Just add it to the water that’s in the vase and enjoy them longer.

After you cook a big meal it’s common to have smells on your hands that won’t go away. Onions and garlic are two big ones. If you mix some baking soda into the wash you will notice the smell go away.

Line the bottom of the box with baking soda before you add the litter. This works wonderfully and you can refresh it from time to time by adding a thin layer on the top.

Who needs Drano? A mixture of vinegar and baking soda can unclog mostly any drain.

Grease is no match for baking soda. Just sprinkle a little on top of the spill/stain and scrub it with a wet cloth. Watch that nasty stain vanish into thin air.

If you add just a half a cup of baking soda to your laundry, you’ll see your detergent work harder and much better. It softens the water and you’ll see your clothes cleaner, softer and even fresher!

Who has kids that love to write on the walls? Plenty of parents have this problem right? Some baking soda on a slightly wet cloth will make those marks go away in an instant.

It’s great for your feet too! A little bit in some water will not only clean your feet thoroughly, but it will make them feel great as well.

When you wash your face go ahead and put a little baking soda in the water. It will exfoliate your skin like you never thought possible. Leave it on for ten minutes and then rinse it off and feel the difference.

Put a little baking soda on your nails and scrub them with a small brush. Your hands and nails will feel smooth and clean.

Take a mixture of baking soda and water and soak combs or brushes in it. Just ten minutes is all you’ll need. After a final rinse you’ll find them as clean as the day you bought them.

Mix baking soda with baby powder and three drops of oil. Lather the mixture through your hair for a few minutes and then comb it out. You’ll see bouncy and silky hair!

Take a bowl and add in some baking soda, honey, sugar, milk and salt, in equal portions. Stir it up real good and pour it into some warm water. Before getting into the tub add a few drops of coconut oil for that final touch.

A bit of baking soda and salt mixed with water brings great results. Use the paste to brush your teeth and watch the amazing results right before your eyes.

One teaspoon of baking soda mixed with one teaspoon of water is the enemy of those annoying blackheads. Mix it up well and then apply it to areas that have those little buggers appearing. Leave it on for ten minutes and wash off. You shouldn’t see them anymore.

Take baking soda and mix it with some honey for best results on this one. Put it on scars or blemishes and leave it on for ten minutes. Wash it off and you should see some immediate results.

Baking soda can make those old burned pots and pans look brand new again. A bit of baking soda with your soap will show great results.

It works the same with the sinks in your house. In this case you can just sprinkle it right into the dry sink. Give it a good rubbing with a sponge before washing it out. When you’re finished it should look brand new.

Before you vacuum your carpet sprinkle some baking soda across it. Let it sit for ten minutes before getting started and you’ll notice a pleasant smell once you start.

It’s no secret that it also works wonder on your fridge. Keep a full, opened box in there and it will absorb all of the bad smells that might gather in there.

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