She Starts With A Boring Staircase, And Ends Up With Every Book-Lover’s Dream.

She Starts With A Boring Staircase, And Ends Up With Every Book-Lover’s Dream. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Pippa Branham of Liverpool translated her love for literature into her home. She’d recently moved in with her husband and daughter Abigail, and like most first home buyers, she wanted to really make the place their own. With emulsion paints, masking tape, and Plasti-Kote, she decorated her staircase to look like the couple’s favorite books. She also mixed in a bit of play sand to add more traction, making the stairs slip-proof. Branham was inspired by something she’d seen on Pinterest. Her literary staircase include a variety of work from authors like Stephen King, George R.R. Martin, and Lewis Carroll, 13 titles total to match the number of steps. In the end, Branham spent about $236 and 35 hours over a period of 6 weeks on the project. Facebook users have praised Branham for her creativity and work. “Wow!!!! That looks bloody awesome!!!” one man wrote. “Love all the details and great choice of books too! When you coming to paint mine?” Others are wondering why there isn’t a Harry Potter step, but we wouldn’t be surprised if an inspired viewer were to dedicate their entire staircase to the magical series sometime soon.If you’re just starting out with DIY projects, Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration. You can pin photos to your boards and revisit them later. After Pippa Branham saw an interesting post on Pinterest, she was inspired to create her own literary staircase.

Instead of carpeting the steps, she painted over them with solid colors to serve as the spines of 13 of her favorite books.

At the very top, Pippa selected the following titles: Raymond E. Feist’s Faerie Tale, J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, and Stephen King and Peter Straub’s The Talisman.

If you’re a fan of fantasy and thriller, you’ll love this section. Game of Thrones fans are swooning.

This area features Stephen King’s The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla, Arthur C. Clarke’s Across the Sea of Stars, and C.S. Lewis’s The Space Trilogy.

At the very bottom, we have classics by Emily Brontë, Ernest Hemingway, and Herman Melville.

“Our daughter found them amazing and spent a good while pretending she was sitting on a mountain of books,” Pippa’s husband wrote on reddit.

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