She Threw A Dinner Party For Some Friendly Squirrels.

She Threw A Dinner Party For Some Friendly Squirrels. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Every deed counts, regardless of how small or insignificant we may think it is. A kind action can truly change and impact a life. Along the way, without knowing it also changes our own. Ashly Deskins is the best neighbour to woodland creatures. The first time she noticed squirrels in her yard was when three had fallen from a tree. The mother quickly rescued one, leaving two behind. Deskins and her husband rushed the two to a wild life centre but they didn’t make it. That’s when she decided to make her patio the best squirrel hangout in her neighbourhood. The California-based photographer spends a lot of time and effort to create a safe and fun place for her squirrels to eat, play, and have fun.Initially, she left almonds for the animals but that quickly developed into more elaborate and fun area for the squirrels to hang out at.

“By observing the squirrels, I can determine what they feel comfortable jumping on, moving around and what I can or can’t use,” she says. “They were comfortable with the faux hardwood so I have continued to use that.”

Deskins photographs the squirrels happily hanging out, eating almonds.

Not all of the woodland creatures will stick around, which means the professional shutterbug has to be very patient to get the perfect images.

“I will usually set up a scene and it could be hours before any visitors come by, and even then, it can take several more hours before I can accomplish some finished images as they usually come, take their almonds and run. There are some that will stay and eat and hang out,” Deskins admits.

Neville is the most brave, not afraid to mingle with the humans. It even goes into Deskins’ home looking for more almonds.

Deskins has even set up an Instagram and Facebook accounts to share photos of the squirrels.

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