She Was All Alone In Dark Parking Lot, But Look What Happened When Cop Showed Up.

She Was All Alone In Dark Parking Lot, But Look What Happened When Cop Showed Up. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

She could feel her heart beating faster. So much so, that she could hear the pulse pounding in her ears. It’s not like she was used to walking out of her car, all on her own. She could feel a knot in her stomach, as she finally summoned the courage to open the door. All she could hear was a siren in the near distance, but it wouldn’t have reached her in time if anything happened to her. The parking lot was empty, except for the car. But she had no idea that she wasn’t alone.

A woman from Indiana was going about her day, closing up after her shift was over. It was late at night when it suddenly hit her: she was all alone. Terri Mae is used to working with people who experience trauma, as she’s a child grief specialist. She treats people at Erin’s House for grieving children, but that night, she could’ve never imagined that she was about to come face to face with her own misfortune.

It’s fair to say that we’ve all had to walk alone in a dark parking lot, feeling hopelessly insecure. All you can do is head on straight to your car and hope you’ll make it. Terri always tried to finish her shift at the same time as her coworker, Benjamin. But on this particular night, she was about to find out that she was all alone.

Terri and Benjamin always made sure to keep each other safe, so they often walked this scary short walk together. When it was time for Terri to walk towards the door, she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was being watched from the outside. She grabbed the cold doorknob with her hand, and started frenetically fumbling with the keys. But she could’ve never predicted what she’d end up discovering.

Terri couldn’t help but wonder who could’ve possibly stayed a while longer and hadn’t left yet. She felt really uneasy and she grew overwhelmingly concerned. She was on high alert, totally aware of her surroundings. Suddenly, she spotted something that made her stop in her tracks: a shadowy figure. She started questioning herself, but she knew the answer.

Finally, it was time for her to open the door and make her way out. She felt the cold breeze hit every pore, giving her goosebumps. It was summertime, yet somehow, the temperature had dropped down. She held onto her purse, and turned around as now she needed to lock up Erin’s House.

The second she started closing the doors, she could feel a strange feeling invading her body. All she needed to do know was secure the alarm at Erin’s House and she’d quickly make her way to the car. She held onto her bag as she spotted her car in the parking lot, but that wasn’t the only thing she was spotting.

The shadowy figure started to become clear. She could finally see it: there was a car parked not too far from her car. She could feel every muscle in her body tensing up, as she started to tense up in horror. The anxiety was clogging her throat. She suddenly noticed smoke rising from the back of the car…and there it was. There was somebody sitting inside the car.

She felt completely terrified as she made her way to her car. Her breathing started to slow down, particularly when she heard the mysterious car’s engine at a near distance. She finally made it, but as she was taking out her car keys, she stopped dead in her tracks.

She was standing at a distance, but she could still see there was something written on the side of the car. It seemed awfully familiar. Then she finally read the text. It was the Fort Wayne Police Department’s logo. Terri felt the terror leaving her body as she was relieved to find out there was a police car in the parking lot. But that wasn’t the only surprise she’d encounter that night.

Terri made her way towards the police car to let them know how grateful she was, but what the police man’s response touched her heart. “I walked over to thank him, and he told me that he specifically came back because he saw that there was only one car left in the parking lot and he wanted to make sure the driver (me) got to the car safely!” she posted on Facebook.

The amazing officer that went beyond his duty that night was only trying to make sure she’d safely make her way to her car. “After talking, I learned that, through many different avenues, he is a mentor to the youth in our area! How lucky are we to have such an amazing man keeping us safe! Thank you, Officer Hunter! You blessed my night tonight!” The officer was nothing but a guardian angel in Terri’s eyes. The story quickly made waves, and touched people’s hearts. Everyone was thrilled with the officer’s actions.

To ensure the safety of their citizens, the Fort Wayne Police Department will go above and beyond the call of duty. But when one of their own shone brighter than any other officer, they went on Facebook and praised him. “We are proud to have Officer Quinton Hunter as a member of the Fort Wayne Police Department!”

The officers at this police department plan out tons of events for the community, but their main priority is to be role models and mentors for today’s youth. So, throughout the year, they throw Special Olympics breakfasts, safety fairs, and passport to manhood events. They’ve even handed middle school students bicycle lights free of charge. They’ve also made pink badges to give out to the community for a battling breast cancer event. There’s simply nothing these cops haven’t done.

Terri was terrified that night, but the Fort Wayne Police Department made everything better. Now she knows the cops in her town will do everything in their power to keep everyone safe. The department’s dedication to serve and protect makes them inspirational heroes!

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