She Wrapped Her Teeth In Foil… LOOK At What Happened To Her Teeth.

She Wrapped Her Teeth In Foil… LOOK At What Happened To Her Teeth. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

You can have your hair done perfectly, your makeup expertly applied, and your skin looking fresh and dewy as a morning blade of grass — but if your smile isn’t white, your look can fall apart completely. Granted, a slightly-yellowed smile is pretty normal (perfectly white teeth are much more rare than you think), but that doesn’t mean we ever stop striving for those bright whites, buying multiple products (and possibly visiting multiple dentists) to do so. If this sounds like you, you’re going to be surprised and delighted to learn that there may be a much more affordable, simpler option to achieving white-toothed greatness, and the solutions can be found in items you already have in your home. If white teeth is something that you strive for, look no further: This DIY hack could change the game, save you some money, and help get your smile on track for your next fire selfie.Brush as you might, it’s hard to avoid the damage done by things like coffee, wine, and smoking. These are seven of the most common ways people stain their teeth.

Toothpaste, strips, gels, and whitening pens are all options, with varying degrees of efficacy.

Professional bleaching works well, but it’s also quite expensive and may take more than one round to achieve satisfactory results.

We’re not sure of the science behind it, but more than one DIY beauty blog has recommended rubbing a banana peel on your chompers to whiten them.

The answer is definitely not what you’d expect.

Wrapping your teeth in foil might be the secret to pearly whites that you’ve been waiting for — plus, you get to look like you’re wearing a temporary grill.

Baking soda.

You don’t need much to cover them, so cut modestly.

Baking soda has whitening capabilities, but without the foil, it’s difficult to get it to stay put.

Fillings and tinfoil aren’t exactly painful, but the sensation will not exactly be comfortable.

But with a little trial and error, you’ll get the hang of it.

Try to do this about twice a week.

Because the only thing better than a temporary grill is seeing a friend wear a temporary grill.

So long, white strips and gels: We’re all about the foil method, now.

That smile of yours will be better and brighter, and it’s all thanks to something you have in your kitchen.

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