She Wraps Ginger In A Bandage To Solve A Common Winter Problem.

She Wraps Ginger In A Bandage To Solve A Common Winter Problem. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Have you ever had one of those uncontrollable coughs that simply won’t go away. You can’t sleep, but what do you expect? You either have a cold, the flu, or are having one of the worst allergic reactions in the history of humanity. Coughing is the natural way that your body gets rid of phlegm or accumulated mucus from your lungs. A cough itself can be harmless in most cases, but it’s nonetheless a major nuisance. Cough medicines don’t always work either. Fortunately, there’s a more homeopathic solution that can help relieve or even get rid of a bad cough without any nasty side effects.Of course, it’s no picnic for the child who has to endure the coughing either. You’re afraid to give them over the counter medicine because some of the side effects may include a rapid heartbeat and headaches.

You have to sleep. Work and life in general won’t always wait for you to get better. But darn! That cough syrup comes with dextromethorphan and codeine which can make you drowsy and knocks you out completely.

All you need is 1 tablespoon of fresh ginger or ginger powder, some raw honey, olive oil and flour to remove all that mucus build up that’s hindering your breathing.

Among the many vital ingredients is ginger, which normalizes your airway so you can breathe properly. It also contains oleoresins, which gets rid of excess mucus in the lungs and windpipe, eliminates phlegm, and also inhibits the enzyme that causes your airway muscles to constrict.

Make sure you use raw honey as research suggests that it can calm a cough a lot better than most meds. The demulcent and stickiness of the honey can coat and soothe mucous membranes that have become irritated. But the benefits can also be reaped when the honey is absorbed through the skin.

Don’t worry, you’re not ingesting this with the other ingredients, which would probably taste gross.

Who would have thought that it could also work as a home remedy? Now you just need to mix the flour and honey together, add the olive oil and ginger.

Then you’ll need to use some tape to stick the solution on your chest or your child’s chest. Just make sure that the area you place it on is comfortable for you and won’t cause you to pick at it and accidentally remove it.

It will remove all that nasty mucus build-up from your lungs by the time that you wake up like magic.

If you’re an adult you can keep the patch taped to your chest overnight. But if you’re applying it on your child’s chest, make sure you only leave the wrap in place for no longer than three hours before they go to sleep. If you follow these instructions to the letter, you and your loved ones will finally get to enjoy a quiet, recuperative sleep.

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