Illinois Shelter Provides Dogs With Chairs To Make Them Feel More At Home.

Illinois Shelter Provides Dogs With Chairs To Make Them Feel More At Home. March 12, 2020

As humans, owning at least one comfy chair is something we could all benefit from. But did you know that dogs can get as much use from chairs as we do? To that end, a shelter has decided to provide dogs with some chairs that are nice and comfy so that their furry guests can feel a bit more at home. Think of these chairs as a temporary solution, until these pooches finally get adopted into a permanent home by a family with a big heart. But after being spoiled by the shelter with such comfortable chairs, they might never want to leave.Dogs would probably prefer a chair of their own, which is why the Knox County Humane Society, in Galesburg, Illinois, now provides their pooches with a comfy chair. According to the Society’s director, Erin Buckmaster, “they love their chairs.”

Blame Buster Brown! When his human parents called it quits and got divorced a year and a half ago, Buster, who was originally adopted as a puppy, ended up being returned to the Know County Humane Society.

According to Buckmaster, Buster actually appears to be happy to have returned to the shelter. In fact, she claims, “he loves it at the shelter.” Then again, wouldn’t you love it too, if storytime was part of your daily routine?

He refused to get inside the cage and insisted on just staying in the front, where the office is, so he could hang out with the staff. So rather than continuing to chair an office chair, the staff decided to give Buster a chair of his own.

Unfortunately, he’s a big dog, and there isn’t always space available, especially when he insists on laying on the desk or sitting in the same seat with the other employees. That’s when the staff came up with a brilliant idea.

The local plumbing and heating company had some old office furniture that they wanted to get rid of. This red chair was just what the shelter and Buster needed to live a little happier during his stay at the shelter.

Members of the community started to donate their old furniture, which would have likely ended up tossed on the side of the road. The shelter has since gotten 22 chairs for their pets. The shelter currently has 50 dogs and cats inside the shelter. It seems like they’d need more chairs.

The remaining dogs are either temporarily under health quarantine, or on stray hold. But once they’re out and about, we’re sure that Buster and his other brethren will be happy to share the chairs with the others.

To keep the animals calm, and to help them to get used to a home environment, the shelter provides a real-life room concept, using the chairs. This provides them with the comfort they need while they’re at the shelter, until they finally move on to a more permanent and happy home.