She’s Got The Face Of A Cat, But The Voice Of A What?!?!

She’s Got The Face Of A Cat, But The Voice Of A What?!?! April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Most of us face difficulties trying to figure out who we are and what we want to be. While growing up, the biggest task we have to tackle is figuring out our personalities. Often confused, we search for someone or something that will give meaning to our lives. However, we are not the only ones facing this dilemma. Even animals sometimes struggle to understand who they are. Just ask these adorable felines, who often forget that they are cats and make these hilarious sounds.Cats are known to regard themselves as royalty, with food, sleep and cuddles being their top priority.

These attention seekers love to purr and meow and capture everyone’s heart. However, there are a few cats that often get confused and make some strange and comical sounds.

This super cute, striped cat has won the hearts of thousands of people on the Internet. Unlike most of the cats that love to meow, Rory prefers to bleat like a sheep. Now, we’ve heard cats doing weird things, but mimicking a sheep surely isn’t one of them.

The video is a compilation of different moments in which Rory is bleating. The poor little kitty is perhaps in the midst of an identity crisis.

->**Click on the video below to hear as Rory takes on the identity of a goat and starts bleating like there’s no tomorrow.**<-

Xander, a lovely cat with big eyes and a childlike innocent face, doesn’t always meow. According to his owner, the feline loves to chatter or bleat whenever he feels like it.

->**The owner and his wife are butting heads because they can’t figure out if Xander is bleating like a sheep or a lamb, chirping, or making alien sounds. So click on the video below and decide for yourself.**<-

It’s believed that a few cats, like Rory and Xander, make bleating, chattering or similar sounds when they’re hungry, scared, or want the attention of their owners. Well, no matter what the reason behind the noise, they surely know how to leave us entertained.

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