She’s Visited By Her Dead Sister In Her Dream, 6 Months Later The Police Make A SHOCKING Revelation!

She’s Visited By Her Dead Sister In Her Dream, 6 Months Later The Police Make A SHOCKING Revelation! April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Love is believed to be one of the strongest emotions in the world. Love knows no bounds. It doesn’t need a reason to exist and it can connect people across vast distances. The power of love is beyond the comprehension of us mere mortals. But there are incidents when many of us have witnessed what true love is actually capable of doing. Haven’t you had a moment when you intuitively knew something good or bad had happened with one of your loved ones? Many people have had a sudden feeling that someone they love is missing them. While there are people who remain skeptical, many believe in the power of love. Here is an incident that proved how love cannot be contained within the boundaries of one realm.The bond between siblings is special. They are also your best friend, your parents and your baby. You confide in them with secrets that you can’t share with anyone else ever. This was certainly the case with Emily Clark and her sister. But one incident changed everything.

She was a kind and caring girl who was a passionate about her future in the medical field. She had a close relationship with her family which comprised of her parents, her younger sister and herself. The bond between her and her family was so strong that it allowed her to be close to them even after her death.

She had a steady relationship with her boyfriend, Neal, and was about to graduate nursing school.

A tractor-trailer crashed into their vehicle killing all five of them.

Emily had a large collection of photos and videos in her iPhone. She was always taking photos of herself, her family, her boyfriend and almost all of her daily activities. Her mobile phone was one of her prized possessions and had all her memories in the form of media files.

After this tragic accident on April 2015, the police couldn’t recover her mobile. The family assumed that the mobile didn’t survive the crash considering how devastating it was. They had lost one thing that had all of her recent memories.

Hailey, Emily’s younger sister, told her parents that she had a dream the night before in which Emily appeared. Emily guided her sister to the location of her lost phone. The phone was still at the crime scene. But her parents, Karen and Craig, thought it to be just a dream.

About six months after the fateful day, police contacted the Clark family. They had found Emily’s lost mobile in the exact same place Hailey told them Emily guided her in the dream. The family was left stunned and in tears.

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