20 Short People Problems That Tall People Will Never Understand.

20 Short People Problems That Tall People Will Never Understand. January 13, 2019

Most of us do not obsess over our heights. It is what it is, that is unless it gets in the way of doing things. Take it from me, it’s not easy being 5’1″. I am not ashamed to admit that at grocery stores I have asked complete strangers to kindly get me a product I cannot reach, even while standing on my tippy toes. I may be an adult but stools to get things from the pantry or shelves are part of life. And yes, all of my pants have to be hemmed. It doesn’t make it easier when your husband is 6’1” and everyone points out the height difference, like we never noticed before. For all my tall friends out there, you have no idea how easy you have it. I will be the first to admit; great things come in small packages. Still, the struggle is real. Here is an example of what life is like for those on the petite side.There should be a discount for using the small cart and leaving the full size ones for the taller shoppers.

Good thing there are friends willing to lend a hand or two.

When one size fits all is not true.

It’s part of her daily workout.

Notice the towel for comfort? Brilliant.

At least she has a sense of humour about it.

Thank goodness for sunglasses, but still.

It was funny until it wasn’t.

Tall people in the back!

Good thing he knows his place.

The world thanks step stools.

It will save her organs from getting squished trying to reach of the clothes.

Only the First Lady can get away with this.

The things you put yourself through to eat.

My nose knows not to go beyond 5 feet.

At least she can enjoy the view better.

Can’t you just hear their friends teasing them?

And what are they eating to get so tall?

It’s all about getting through the day.

Let’s hope the counters can handle the weight.