Eye-Popping Vacation Photos That Really Should Have Stayed In Vegas.

Eye-Popping Vacation Photos That Really Should Have Stayed In Vegas. March 26, 2020

We’ve all heard the saying “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” but thanks to smartphones, no secrets of Sin City are safe from the eyes of social media. The pictures you’re about to see are proof that people should have followed the unofficial rule of Vegas.

It goes without saying that Vegas is full of attractive people. Not only are the cabaret performers, hostesses, and strippers beautiful, as well as the A-list celebrities, but regular people visiting casinos tend to more attractive than most, too. But that certainly doesn’t mean you won’t see some rednecks misbehaving on their vacation.

The normal, boring human has a tendency of getting a little out of hand while in Vegas. They like to take risks they wouldn’t normally take at home, including not caring about authority figures. The man you see here probably figured that since he was already in trouble, he might as well just finish chugging his beer. If you’re assuming that only humans have fun in Vegas, you assumed wrong.

Just in case you didn’t know, the Venetian Palace Hotel is designed to look like the infamous Venetian canals in Italy. Many people are drawn to it, especially those that can’t afford to go overseas. This woman thought it would be a great idea to dress her furbaby up as traditional Venetian gondolier. Just because you invincible while you’re drunk, doesn’t mean that you are.

Visiting a place like Vegas could motivate you to try something that you never thought to do before. Sometimes it could turn out great for you, like winning big at the blackjack table. But other times you could fall flat on your face and end up with a bruised ego. If you’re a man heading to Vegas, you should rethink your wardrobe.

In Vegas, people feel free to wear whatever they like. Many of the women are scantily dressed for the glitz-and-glamour of it all, or maybe it’s the scorching hot desert temperatures. Men wear some crazy outfits like this group of guy’s with their unusual suits. If drunk people wearing costumes is more your thing, Vegas will not let you down.

It’s definitely not unusual to see drunk people passed out on the sidewalks, or in the bushes, in Vegas. But honestly, how many of you can say that you’ve seen Mario and Luigi getting tipsy outside of a casino entrance? We bet not too many of you. Vegas is a place for your grandma, too!

Not everyone that goes to Vegas is there for a short, crazy trip. Some people, especially the elderly, visit the casinos on a regular basis. Just look at this woman. She’s challenging gravity on that slot machine with her crazy planking skills, and she definitely seems to be having a great time doing it. If you’re young and looking to party, Vegas is for you.

You can certainly enjoy a nice bubble bath while sipping on some champagne in your own bathtub at home, but doing it in Vegas makes it an exceptionally special occasion. Just check out this guy. He may look like a teenager, but he’s celebrating his 21st birthday in style. Maybe you shouldn’t bring your wife or girlfriend to Vegas.

People with experience suggest that to truly enjoy Vegas you should be single, young, and responsibility-free. Honestly, that’s probably true. Just look at how this couple looks, not exactly wild and carefree, considering they’re in Vegas. At least he has a balloon stripper on top of his head. Vegas is absolutely great for stargazing.

Celebrities are constantly rolling through Vegas. And we’re not just referring to resident acts like Britney’s or Elton’s. Celebrities are people too, and they love to gamble. So it’s not uncommon to see famous people like Eva Longoria or Joanna Krupa sitting at the poker tables. If you’re looking for the weirdos, check out the Strip.

This is the perfect example of two Sin City sights in one. The Strip in Las Vegas is full of performers doing impressions for tips, or singing their heart out to “fans.” Vegas is also a popular place for bachelorette parties. This man combined the two, and is now a bachelorette asking for tips. Not sure how that turned out for him. Vegas is not the place for you for if you have an addictive personality.

We’re sure you already know that gambling can be extremely addictive and people will go to great lengths for it. But we’re not sure how often people actually drag in their mattress for a snooze in between games. Hopefully he’s not snoring. That might annoy the other people gambling. There’s no party quite like a Vegas party.

Party buses can be found in places other than Vegas. But in most other places, a party bus is just a bus where people can drink and get as loud as they’d like. Sin City does it differently, though. Party buses in Vegas come with stripper poles, fully stocked mini bars, and a sunroof you can climb out of, just like in the movies. Vegas is a place for mythical creatures, too!

Bigfoot has been greatly sought after for decades, maybe even longer than that. But he’s always managed to keep himself from getting caught. But those days are over. Now, Bigfoot can be found at the blackjack tables, using his undeniable charm to get into the pockets of unsuspecting tourists. Have you ever had the urge to shave half of your head because you were so excited?

Many people consider going to Vegas a dream come true. But there are very few people that can fathom the amount of excitement this man has. Not only did he cut his hair into a giant mohawk, but he also got a dye job – Vegas style. It looks pretty ridiculous, but you gotta give it the artist that created it.