15 Shower Habits You Need To Stop Immediately… #5 Is Disgusting.

15 Shower Habits You Need To Stop Immediately… #5 Is Disgusting. June 6, 2018

Using hot water and soap to shower is not the most effective way to get clean. In fact, the way we are showering may be doing us more harm than good. If you usually feel itchy after stepping out of the shower you are probably cranking the hot water too high. Here are showering habits you need to stop doing right now. These steps will leave your skin and softer. You don’t need to spend a bundle of body creams to keep yourself young. We can’t believe people are doing #11 still.The water in the shower tends to be hotter than the one you would use in the sink. Instead wash your face over the sink in lukewarm water.

Yes, hot showers are the best way to start your day but you are hurting your body’s natural defense with hot water. Try turning it down to lukewarm.

Americans are using 127% more water than they did in 1950. Try to shorten the time in the shower.

Long showers also dry out your skin. Plus you will be saving a bundle in your utility bill.

Your scrunchy, wet loofah is the perfect ground for bacteria. Make sure you wring it out every time you use it and leave out to dry.

Whatever bacteria was rubbed off your body when you showered will grow when your sponge does not dry off completely.

You only need to exfoliate once a week. Doing it more than that is overkill literally as you are rubbing off the skin’s defense system.

As tempting as it may be you don’t need to wash your hair everyday. You are stripping the hair’s natural oils by constantly washing it, instead, give it a lather every two days.

Conditioner should only be applied to the roots of the hair. Putting it on the crown will actually increase oil production on your scalp and make your hair look greasy.

Wash your feet with soap, make sure you are getting between the toes to wash off the bacteria. You want to be thorough enough so fungus does not grow turning into a nasty case of athlete’s foot.

Going the whole day with dry sweat is a breeding ground for bacteria. It also increases your chances of developing acne not to mention the unfriendly body odour.

The warm, humid environment is the perfect ground for bacteria that causes Staph aureus infection, candida yeast infections, and fungus to grow. Everything from soap to razors should be dried every day.

Turn your water cold for the last five minutes of your shower. This will shock your body to wake up. The temperature change will help increase mental alertness and relieve fatigue.

Don’t rub the towel on your body. This is too harsh on your skin, instead, pat dry the extra water off.

After completing your shower, make sure you put on moisturizer right away. This ensures you are trapping the moisture in for healthy skin.