Shy Insurance Man Grows A Beard, And It Turns His Life Upside Down.

Shy Insurance Man Grows A Beard, And It Turns His Life Upside Down. February 16, 2020

Imagine going through your whole life being so shy that it seems like no one notices that you even exist. To top that off, you have a successful career, but it’s not making you happy. That was the sad reality of Gwilym Pugh, a Welsh businessman who became plus-sized after an injury. But then, his entire life changed when he decided to take some serious initiative, and now he’s working with famous brands from all over the world, including Diesel, Bud Light, Belstaff, and even… David Beckham! His story is so inspiring and he’s become the latest eye candy to take over Instagram!Pugh had also founded his own business when he was 21, and if you looked at his resume, you’d get blown away by this impressive young man’s qualifications. But for some reason, no one really seemed to notice him.

He ran his business from his spare bedroom while he convalesced after a knee injury. At that point, he had started putting on weight because he was living a sedentary life. But after dropping down to 189 pounds, he’s now one heck of a good-looking model.

After getting back into shape, he’s turned into a huge hunk with a chiseled look. He also seems a heck of a lot more confident, and he’s definitely a fine specimen of good health too. The best part is, people are noticing.

Here he is doing a photo shoot for AMCK Models. He’s certainly come a long way from the kid who wasn’t sure what he wanted to be when he grew up and ended up working at British Gas, before moving on up.

While owning a business sounds like a great idea, Pugh claims he wasn’t happy with his personal situation, which involved 12-hour work days, and an injury that prevented him from playing the sport he loved.

He’s got 190,000 followers on Instagram so far, and that number is bound to grow, and he owes it all to his decision to get healthy again. He just never knew that he would have become such a sensation so quickly.

With his friend, Calum Ross, the Magic Rooster Brothers, which was a folk country band, was born. In that process, his barber, Joel, suggested that if he was going to play the guitar, he needed a beard, hence, how he ended up growing it out.

Aside from appearing on the pages of Hunger magazine, and GQ, he has also worked with the renowned soccer player and model, David Beckham. He’s now the ambassador for House 99, which is Beckham’s male grooming brand.

For starters, he cut takeout food completely from his diet. He also quit his desk job, which was limiting his ability to burn calories. After not sitting for 10 hours a day, Pugh noticed a difference. But his weight loss took nearly five years and that involved walking and being active.

This former shy kid got a huge boost in confidence after he became the face of Nathan Palmer’s 2015 collection. He was also part of the Red Hot Photography project, which helped his career take off. After years of working in financing, he’s happy to be traveling the world and working with creative folks.