7 Everyday Things That Have Surprisingly Nasty Side Effects.

7 Everyday Things That Have Surprisingly Nasty Side Effects. January 2, 2019

As psychologists say, we learn through observation. There are plenty of things that you do on a regular basis that you develop over time or adopt from people around you, be it from your parents, your siblings or your friends. There are things that people do which catch your attention and compel you to engage in the same actions. As to whether those routines are good or bad is completely debatable. But little do people realize that although things seem so normal, they actually may have some dreadful side-effects, which may not surface at the moment but will rise eventually. Check out some of those everyday things that tend to do some unknown damages to you.The invention of the alarm clock is a blessing for those who get so lost in their dream world that they wake up regretting that they ever left it. Despite their love for sleep, people use these to keep up with their hectic routines. But such disruption to their natural sleep can be harmful to their health as the lack of sleep can increase the risk of obesity and can also lead your body to perform poorer. Also the sudden shock from the alarm clock can be bad for your heart.

This has gone way beyond a habit and has become more of an addiction. Before going to bed, people have a tendency to check their phones and tablets for no reason. However, they don’t realize that there is a great risk of developing cataracts from the blue light from mobile devices. So unless you’re planning on torturing your eyes or developing some serious eye issues, you have to stop using technology in bed.

Video games know no age limits. Although, whether or not these games trigger the violence in you has been a hot topic of research for decades. Even though no definite answers have been found yet, there have been links that playing video games make you lose impulse control, which causes you to become violent.

Politeness is one trait that one is taught to observe from early childhood. But who would have thought that being polite would also have its side-effects. According to some studies, societies which are too kind and warm-hearted tend to get more violent when a code of conduct gets violated. This is likely because people have pent-up aggression, which when given the opportunity, comes out in a ferocious manner.

It’s quite common and normal for you to snap photos of things that are happening around you. But many studies have found that the digital photos affect your memory of events. It’s because people tend to get so involved in taking a picture that they don’t pay any attention to anything happening in their surroundings. As a result, many performers have banned their audience from snapping shots at their concerts.

Now that distance is no longer an obstacle thanks to the social platforms, people can connect easily with others around the world. But what many don’t realize is that this virtual interaction is damaging your heart. The vagus nerve in your body that connects your heart and brain is surprisingly wearing out with the excess use of digital networks. So, if you are all in for virtual relationships, then you better refrain yourself and engage in building more real-life relationships outside the virtual world.

Obtaining a fit and healthy body is a goal for almost everybody and people rely on running for that same reason. However, people don’t understand that excess running can cause them to poop in their shorts. Generally, the vibrations from running cause your GI tract to wake up and perk up to full alert. This came to light when Paula Radcliffe ended up pooping behind the bushes during a marathon.