Two Year-Old Almost DIES After Being KISSED At A Children’s Party.

Two Year-Old Almost DIES After Being KISSED At A Children’s Party. November 28, 2018

What would you do if your two-year-old was suddenly developing what seemed like acid blisters? Painful, bloody and red! Savina French Bell panicked when she noticed such painful-looking blisters on her 2-year-old’s face. It was after Sienna Duffield’s second birthday party when their lives changed forever. After a few days, Sienna had developed ulcers in her mouth. There were horrible blisters on her face that appeared to have been caused by acid poured on her face.Savina noticed that the blisters further spread over to her daughter’s cheeks and above her eyes. She panicked, to say the least.

She was in extreme pain and was suffering excruciatingly everyday right in front of her mother’s eyes. None of the medications were working and the infection kept coming back.

Savina took Sienna to the doctor right away. They tried everything but nothing seemed to work. The poor little soul was in agony and her mother was miserable. Whenever they would go out for a stroll, people would stare as if Sienna was some kind of alien. They would make nasty comments too. None of the kids would play with her, and even the parents wanted Sienna to stay away from their kids as they feared her infection was communicable.

Savina had to figure out what caused this infection. She tried retracing her steps and her daughter’s steps of the night that Sienna’s condition appeared. Had she come into contact with something unusual? Had she eaten something she shouldn’t have? It terrified Savina to think that her daughter’s condition might have had something to do with something she overlooked. So she wanted a solution ASAP!

The doctors were unable to identify the source of the infection, but they tried every possible treatment available to ease the little girl’s symptoms. Savina was told that her daughter might have some allergies which were yet to be identified and was warned to keep an eye out for them.

After months and months of hard-work and torture, it finally dawned on Savina that a relative had kissed Sienna the night of her birthday. She went to see the doctor with this theory and it all started to make sense now. A ‘kiss’ was the reason for all the discomfort and misery that little Sienna had to go through for the last eight months.

The little angel was putting up a fight everyday. For eight months, nothing worked but they were still hopeful. Sienna was then admitted to the hospital and placed on an IV drip because she had stopped eating. Her family sought out all sorts of creams and antibiotics to prevent her condition from getting even worse.

Finally, Savina’s daughter got some relief when the doctors prescribed flucloxacillin which miraculously worked. Thankfully, Sienna is a lot happier now and looks healthy again. Her face has never looked better and they hope that they never have to witness the horrific sight of their daughter suffering ever again. Sienna can thank her mommy’s resilience and dedication for bringing an end to her misery.