10 Road Signs That Will Make You Do A Double Take.

10 Road Signs That Will Make You Do A Double Take. February 9, 2020

Almost every sign has a functional purpose. They tell you the speed limit or your favorite restaurant’s drink specials. But there are some signs out there that leave you giggling and wondering what the motivation behind the sign was. Some even look they’re in the wrong place, like this one!

This sign is actually pretty creative and it’s sure to get some laughs from the people passing by. We wonder if the church people knew of the man who sings the song and that he’s a bit of a known sinner, well, according to them, at least. This sign has a very serious message, just like the next one on our list.

This is surely one way to bring up the age-old discussion about what happens after we die. This sign will make anyone thinking about trespassing reevaluate their decisions. Maybe they’ll go home and think about their life. Even if they don’t, the sign’s still there for some giggles, but not as much as this next one.

It’s the general consensus that Mondays tend to be the hardest day of the week, and every time the day approaches, we wish the weekends were longer. Well, this sign agrees with all of you and has decided to extend the weekend recovery time. No one would ever get anything done if weekends were extended like this. If you laughed at this sign, check out the next one!

What makes this sign so funny is the fact that it’s at the dry cleaners. It’s one of those blatantly obvious signs, like “the coffee is hot.” Even though it’s pretty obvious what they mean, it’s still an extremely unusual sign. At least it’s not offensive (or is it?) like the sign in our next image is.

People refer to things as “the new black” all of the time. This sign is definitely going to draw a lot of attention because the person who created it turned the well-known phrase into something entirely different. This sign isn’t just talking about colors, it’s talking about humans! Do you think it’s offensive? Think about that and check out the next image!

This sign gives great instructions on how to handle a mountain lion encounter, but it’s not exactly comforting. It includes everything you need, except how to actually fight back if a lion attacks. This sign is no joke, unlike the next sign, so make sure you pay close attention to the advice!

You would think that this was a clever way to get people to head into a bar downtown, but it’s actually a sign in front of a gas station in Seattle. Sometimes people just want to put in a little extra effort in to make someone smile. If you thought this sign was funny, then you’re sure to think the next ones is funny, too!

Hayward, a suburb of San Francisco, wasn’t exactly trying to be funny when they put up this new sign. It literally is dangerous to have your head stuck in the phone while you’re trying to cross the street. People aren’t expecting to see a sign like this, so it might actually work. This next sign probably doesn’t work as well.

These signs not only make us laugh, they serve as a reminder to not take things so seriously, as well. That Wendy’s sign is certainly worth a second look because whoever put it up definitely wanted to make people laugh. Check out this next sign, which is pretty funny, but definitely not on purpose.

When you enter Iowa, they welcome you with a sign that offers “fields of opportunities,” but perhaps what they really meant to offer was just fields, considering there are way more fields than actual opportunities. Unless you’re looking for a farming opportunity, of course! If that’s the case, than you’re on the right path!