20 Reasons You Should Keep Those Silica Gel Packs, #17 Is A Life Saver.

20 Reasons You Should Keep Those Silica Gel Packs, #17 Is A Life Saver. October 4, 2018

You might think to yourself, “What is a silica gel bag?” We can guarantee that you’ve seen these tiny silicon dioxide bags in items which you’ve purchased. They come in everything from sealed packs of food or medicine to sealed packages you get your deliveries in. And you’ve probably been just as confused as us figuring out what exactly they do! From a blind eye, they look pretty useless. It doesn’t seem like they’re doing anything in the sealed packages we receive them in and you always end up throwing them away. Well, stop trashing them and start collecting them! These little packets can actually come in handy and various situations.Let’s start off with what they’re actually meant to do, which is to kill bacteria and absorb extra moisture within your packages.

They can remove stinky odors from smelly clothes. Just apply one to a sheet or towel the next time it needs its odor fixed.

Razors and other blades all eventually go dull. You can keep them sharp longer by placing them into a closed container along with a silica bag.

Is your phone not water proof? Did you accidentally drop it in the toilet, pool, or had something spill on it? A lot of people like to use the rice grain trick, but you could also the silica trick and place your phone in a jar that’s filled with silica packs.

Windshield fog has always been a pain. You have to defrost over and over when you’re driving a foggy ride. Remove the fog from within your car by placing silica bags under your windshield inside the car.

Sometimes when we go on vacation, we don’t have enough time to wash and/or dry our wet clothes. And nobody likes putting wet clothes into their luggage. The next time you might find yourself in this situation, try putting your wet clothes or wet towel into a bag filled with silica gels. The more packets the better. It should suck all the moisture out!

You might not know this, but sometimes moisture is what causes corrosion on silver and other jewelry. Prevent this from happening by slipping a silica gel packet into your jewelry box.

If you’ve got some seeds stored for gardening next year, you need to make sure that they don’t mold. You can make sure of this by placing them in a container with a silica gel pack. Make sure it’s airtight!

Store your pill and vitamins with a silica gel packet to help preserve their freshness! Otherwise, the moisture can lead to spoilage, decomposition, and mold.

Keep your important and personal papers extra protected by putting them in a bag filled with some silica gel packets.

Do you love collecting dry flowers? You can speed up the drying process by placing the flower(s) into a paper bag with a few silica gel packets!

If your windows tend to fog up or form condensation often, try storing some silica packets on the sill to absorb the moisture.

A big bag of pet food can get soggy, especially if you’re buying them in bulk. Store the food in a bin that has silica packs taped to the bottom of the lid.

It’s Halloween season which means it’s pumpkin season! Prevent your pumpkins from gaining mold by placing silica beads and embedding them into the inside of the pumpkin.

Books start to smell after awhile. And we’re talking about the super ancient old books. Get rid of the smell by putting the books into a bag filled with a few silica packets.

Cameras might be exposed to condensation that can affect a camera’s internal mechanisms and/or leave marks on the lens. Absorb the condensation away by placing your camera with silica gel packets after removing the memory card, battery, and lens.

Cameras that work underwater can be pretty useful. However, these cameras are still subject to being ruined by condensation leaving marks on the lenses. Suck out the moisture with silica gel packets!

Keep your cherished memories extra protected from getting wet by storing a few gel packets wherever you keep your photos.

Maintain dryness and prevent messy makeup disasters by placing some silica gel packets into a sealed bag of all you r makeup.

If you have hearing aids, they can be damaged by condensation when visiting or living in a damp climate. Store them in a container with silica packages to prevent this.