10 Ridiculously Awkward Cats We Can’t Stop Obsessing About.

10 Ridiculously Awkward Cats We Can’t Stop Obsessing About. February 10, 2019

Cats love to hide in all sorts of places and every cat owner knows where to find them. But one should never underestimate a cat. If they want to hide, there is hardly any place that they can’t squeeze into. The following photos are proof of their innate talent to fit in even the weirdest of places.Usually when you wait for a letter, it calls for something important. But cats being cats may surprise you by presenting themselves in an envelope.

Besides their cute and endearing personalities, they are best known for sleeping anywhere and in any position they like. Similarly, this feline found her cozy, soft and comfortable spot for sleeping in a washing machine.

This little kitten in the tissue box seems to be in a playful mood. The smile on that tiny face and the bright gleam in the eyes will make you forget everything.

This cat took the hiding part way too seriously and found her spot inside the couch.

You might be better off having a look around before you step into your washroom. You never know if you would find your cat sleeping or keeping an eye on you.

This kitty must be really talented, as in spite of having an innate quality to fit into anything, this cat somehow managed to fit in the glass, which just seems impossible.

Everyone knows cats are possessive about their owners, toys and everything else. But this feline is one step ahead as she claimed this box for herself. Now, anything that has “cat” written over it should be considered theirs. Long live the cat!

When you share your house with a cat, you must prepare yourself to erase the word ‘privacy’ from your mind forever. Your beloved pet will always be around you whether you realize it or not.

Most of us love to spend some time outdoors and our little balls of fur are no different. But some of our feline friends are even more excited than us. Just like this kitty that is all set for a road trip.

This was definitely one of the most picture-perfect moments. Cats don’t have to do anything extraordinary to make us laugh. Their usual actions are enough to make us smile.