Dog Accidentally Ate A Lemon, And Immediately Regretted His Life Choices.

Dog Accidentally Ate A Lemon, And Immediately Regretted His Life Choices. November 22, 2018

If you have a dog at home then you should probably be aware of the fact that its first love isn’t you but food! All canines do is start drooling at the first sight or aroma of anything that’s edible and delicious and they can’t resist the urge to immediately put it in their mouths. Even if the food article looks abhorrent, your pet would not be able to control itself from give the screen a lick. This is the reason that one should never drop anything on the floor that resembles food as it would surely go into the pet’s mouth. Where on one hand, it can be something extremely precarious, on the other it can be downright hilarious!MrPhu9 is a YouTube user who just recently posted a video of his golden retriever online. He is an extremely adorable dog who will certainly melt your heart. MrPhu9 has brilliantly captured a video of him being playful and posted it on YouTube for the rest of the world to see. The video will certainly leave a smile on everybody’s face.

This dog is no different from other dogs as he makes it a point to lick or possibly consume everything that looks edible. But maybe it was high time for it to learn that not everything that looks edible should be eaten as it may turn out to be completely unpalatable.

This cute pooch wandered about in the house when he came across a slice of lemon in the kitchen. The half cut lemon that resembled a ball, lured him towards it. The yellow colored citrus food seemed to have been strategically placed in the kitchen only for the dog who lived in that house.

Deceived by the shape of the lemon, he couldn’t resist the urge of putting it in his mouth. He was not aware that the yellow slice was sour and took a bite of it. The moment he stuck out his tongue to lick it, he gave a shuddered reaction. For about half a minute, he repented licking the slice as he instantly detested the taste of it.

People clearly aren’t the only ones who quiver after tasting limes or lemons. Even animals shudder after feeling the tangy taste of it in their tongues. This lemon slice made the pooch quiver in a completely unimaginable way and it would surely make anyone have a good laugh. He danced on his hind legs as if he had suffered explosion in his mouth. The way he jumped around supports the fact that he surely did not like the taste of the lemon.

Doctors have mentioned that citrus foods like oranges, lemon, grapefruit, etc. are not good for a dog’s health when consumed in large amounts. Yet, if taken in small quantities, these foods will do no harm to your pet’s health. Make sure to check your pet’s diet on a regular basis so that a situation like this one doesn’t turn into a serious health hazard!

**To see the exact reaction watch the Video HERE!**