His Owners Wanted Him Put Down Because He Wouldn’t Play, But Fate Had Something Else In Store For Simba!

His Owners Wanted Him Put Down Because He Wouldn’t Play, But Fate Had Something Else In Store For Simba! November 15, 2018

As cruel as we humans can be, we have always maintained a good rapport with dogs. We love them and enjoy their ebullience and attention. It’s always nice to have somebody around who can cheer us up and won’t be judgmental. They make sure to never let their owners feel down. These adorable creatures are always there to comfort their human friends when needed. We humans can learn a thing or a two about selflessness from these bundles of love and affection.All they want is some love and affection. Their faces, eyes, tongues, and wagging tails are just screaming “Love me”. Unfortunately, that cry for attention sometimes goes unanswered because we can be selfish.

We have witnessed many cases in which dogs have put their lives at stake to protect their owners or their family members, but even then we continue to be as selfish and inhuman as we can be. We continue to damage our environment and all the living beings in it without taking any responsibility for our actions. Though some people are trying to work on improving things, it doesn’t look like it’s enough. Animals and other fellow beings are the ones that are most affected by our inhuman actions.

Imagine a dog that is sick, tired and sad. It’s suffering from a couple of deadly illnesses, and still somehow manages to hang in there. On the other hand, his human owner wanted to have him euthanized for the sole reason that the dog wasn’t happy or active enough to play with him. He decided to give up on a creature who probably wouldn’t have given up on him even after he was gone. His owner didn’t even make an effort to find out why his dog was so sad and inactive. The owner declared that the dog was too “depressing” to be around and should be euthanized for good.

This heartbreaking story is of an adorable canine called Simba, whose owner was probably too blind to see something that was obvious even to a stranger. One look at this adorable creature and anybody could tell that the poor fellow was not well. Instead of taking him to a vet, his cold hearted owner declared him hopeless and wanted him dead because he simply wouldn’t play. How cruel is that?!

Thankfully, the poor fellow was rescued from the high kill shelter he was in. As soon as he was rescued, he was taken over to a vet. After close monitoring, the vet discovered Simba had a tick fever and that was just the beginning. He was suffering from a number of other diseases that had extremely affected his immune system. That was the reason for the lack of activity and sadness.

Who likes to even get out of bed when he/she is sick, let alone play? No wonder poor Simba couldn’t play. It’s a miracle in itself that he was able to even stand on his feet and walk. This brave fellow stood strong against his illness until his rescuers arrived. If it had been up to his original owner, he would have been euthanized. As heartbreaking as this is, it’s the truth.

**It can be said that a simple act of kindness can make a tremendous impact on a person’s life. The same applies to adorable pooches like this one.**