Single Mom Built A Home Using Just YouTube Tutorials.

Single Mom Built A Home Using Just YouTube Tutorials. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Cara Brookins is one amazing woman. She is an author and motivational speaker and she is pretty good at both. The reason for this is experience beats all. Anyone that is looking for motivation to do something should go no further than looking up Cara. She and her family proved that anything is possible if you have the desire to succeed. When Brookins found herself in a bad situation, something needed to be done. She and her four children needed a place to live but they couldn’t afford to buy a house. They could, however, afford to buy the materials to build their own house. So that’s exactly what they did. A major problem though is that just buying the materials doesn’t get a house built. They had no experience further than hammering nails. What did they do? Well, they took to YouTube of course! The family started learning how to do things by watching videos on YouTube and each of them developed a certain set of kills to help with the project. Every trip they took to Home Depot also included asking questions for advice from people they ran into at the store. The results are amazing as they did indeed build their own house. It’s not a normal house though, as you’ll see in a few minutes, it’s a dream house that most people would want. They did a fantastic job and they did it all by themselves. Nothing can beat that feeling!

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