Single Woman Takes Touching Wedding Photos With 87-Year-Old Grandfather.

Single Woman Takes Touching Wedding Photos With 87-Year-Old Grandfather. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Losing any family member is difficult, especially when they happen to be a parent or grandparent. Just ask 25-year-old Fu Xuewei, who loves her grandpa, Fu Qiquan, dearly, but fears she might lose him. Now some women dream of having a big, beautiful wedding someday, and in that dream, they imagine that all of their loved ones will attend. Sadly, Xuewei feared that this might not be the case with her grandfather, who isn’t in the best of health. So, instead of hoping he’d be able to stick around, she decided to have her wedding a bit earlier. The thing is… she’s still single.She hasn’t found the right guy though, and is single. Unfortunately, her grandfather isn’t doing well health-wise, and she was afraid that he might not be around by the time she found the one and married him.

While still single, she decided that a wedding photo shoot was the next best thing, and she had her grandfather in the shots. She also wanted him to see what she’d look like while wearing a wedding dress, before the inevitable occurred.

He had been hospitalized a second time in September of the previous year and doctors told him his heart wasn’t doing so well. Essentially, his body was starting to deteriorate quickly. But the thought of not having him at her wedding was unacceptable to Xuewei.

She was a child and her grandfather was the one who raised her, so it made perfect sense that the VIP in her life and at her wedding would be him. But since she had no intentions to get married anytime soon, she wanted him to be there and see her walking down the aisle in her beautiful dress.

After the shoot was over, Xuewei had a portrait of Qiquan tattooed to her forearm. That way, he’d be around always, especially when she really did walk down the aisle. Meanwhile, Qiquan got a preview of what his beautiful granddaughter would look like on her wedding.

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