Beauty Fans Say ‘Skin Gritting’ Is The Key To Flawless Skin.

Beauty Fans Say ‘Skin Gritting’ Is The Key To Flawless Skin. May 12, 2019

People all over the world are obsessed with minimizing their pores. They can be an eyesore to look at so it’s understandable why so many want them gone. Numerous methods have been created to remove blackheads from pores and the methods just keep getting more and more absurd. Today, we present you with another one of those methods that involves three important steps. By the end of the three steps, the blackheads will then pop out on their own. As incredible as it sounds, there has been debate, however, on whether or not these captured black specks are really blackheads.It came from Reddit’s Skincare Addiction and it’s going to be the most compelling blackhead removal you’ll see all month.

Google receives millions of searches on “how to clear pores” or “how to minimize pores” and so on.

The following photos are both gross, yet fascinating at the same time. It’s the type of photo you don’t want to look at but you can’t tear your eyes away,

We’re not sure how effective this method is, but it’s definitely one of the more bizarre methods of extracting blackheads.

Blackheads are open comedones. They’re basically clogged pores that are open to the surface of your skin. It contains debris that becomes black when it comes in contact with oxygen.

It involves cleansing the skin through three steps. The steps bring the “grits” (the debris) to the surface.

Well the first step is cleaning their skin with the help of an oil cleanser.

Once the time to take it off comes, they wash it off and then proceed to using a second batch of oil cleanser (which needs to be massaged deep into the skin).

These are supposedly the blackheads and sebaceous filaments, they come to the surface and pop out.

Their online community has posted multiple photos of their own personal results. Some of the photos can be pretty unsettling to the stomach.

The pictures usually capture the moment they capture the freshly extracted blackheads onto the backs of their hands. They kind of look like small black bugs!

Despite the thousands of comments and photos commending the unique method, dermatologist Elizabeth Tanzi, M.D., has warned that it could irritate the skin.

She told Refinery 29: “Clay is known to have the ability to grab the debris and then lift it out of pores.”

This is important “since the combination of clay (which can be drying) and rigorous exfoliation could be way too irritating.”

Instead, many argue that they’re just sebaceous filaments, which are the tiny specks found on the nose and forehead that bring in necessary oil for the skin.

The board-certified dermatologist at the Miami Skin Institute believes there’s a possibility. Other doctors, however, thought differently after looking at the evidence.

“They seem quite big for normal or even large-sized blackheads, and normal blackheads are actually only dark at the top where they have been oxidized.”

She claims they could be balled up dirt, dead skin, or tiny bits of clay instead of the actual skin bounty it resembles.

The evidence however proves to be convincing. One Reddit user said it’s enough to give someone a “slight skin care ladyboner.”

The ones that physicians have been doing for the past 50 years. Grossman truly believes that the method can work. She said, “If they are blackheads, it is possible that the oil is loosening the keratin and the clay is helping to pull them up to the surface.”

**Watch the video below to see the actual skin-gritting in action.**