Dog Learns The Hard Way NEVER To Wake A Sleeping Kitten.

Dog Learns The Hard Way NEVER To Wake A Sleeping Kitten. December 19, 2018

Twins are the subject of many popular stories. There’s something adorable about seeing double. Take, for example, a few of the most famous twins: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, James and Oliver Phelps (who portrayed Fred and George Weasley in the Harry Potter series), and Tia and Tamera Mowry. Another popular subject is kittens! Pictures and videos of kittens get more traffic than some of the hottest celebrities. Today, we have a story from Animal Planet’s “Too Cute” YouTube series that combines look-alikes and kittens. It doesn’t get any cuter than this. Jacques and Belle are two kittens who look the same but couldn’t be more different. One is a homebody and prefers to spend time by herself while the other is an adventurer and loves to make friends. This particular story has received over 3 million views. Continue reading to find out how these two little ones spent their day.Don’t these siblings look like furry little marshmallows? Although they look alike, they’re quite different from one another. Belle spends most of her time relaxing on the cozy purple blanket while Jacques likes to roam around.

These kittens look like they were born yesterday and that isn’t too far off from the truth. They’re only three weeks old but their personalities are shining through.

This house is also home to Pucci, a playful dog. Jacques left the comfort of his purple blanket to go out and search for him. He looks everywhere for him!

It looks like Pucci was looking for Jacques, too. Instead, he found a very sleepy Belle downstairs. Dogs are very clever but is it possible that he mistook Belle for her brother? Even if that wasn’t the case, it seemed like he wanted to play with her anyway.

But sleep is important to us all. No one likes to be disturbed when they’re trying to sleep. It can put you in the crankiest of moods!

Pucci was eager to play but Belle wasn’t. In an attempt to wake her up, he continued to bark at her. She silenced him with a single move.

Some pups are just all bark and no bite (but it’s probably safer that way). Here he is burying himself in some pillows. Meanwhile, Belle makes herself comfortable on the floor.

Just when things started to escalate, Belle’s mom entered the scene. She grabbed her kitten by the neck and took her to a “canine-free” zone upstairs. The lesson of the day is, “Don’t mess with a pretty kitty.” It’s always the quiet ones, isn’t it? Our question is… where is Jacques?