10 Small Dog Breeds That Will Force You To Adopt One Today!

10 Small Dog Breeds That Will Force You To Adopt One Today! November 18, 2018

They say “big things come in small packages” and these little furballs of pure cuteness prove just that. These amazing breeds of dogs will redefine adorability for you. They are way too cute to ignore and looking at them for too long might make you want to get one for yourself, if you don’t have one already. These pocket-size pooches are not only adorable but are perfect for apartment living. Due to their small sizes they are easy to carry around and even care for them. Though they are small, they are more playful and fun to be with. Also they live longer than larger dog breeds.This pint-size pup makes an excellent companion and an equally excellent watchdog. They are great with the kids and are a loyal friend. They are mainly known for their friendly temperament, alertness and long silky straight hair but their beautiful butterfly ears make for an outstanding feature.

They probably are the cutest among all the small breed dogs. Often called ‘Yorkie’, they are energetic, affectionate and very fast learners. They likes to boss around their fellow canines and get along quite well with the other dogs. People living with yorkies love to dress them up and pamper them.

It will be impossible to control yourself and not cuddle with this adorable pooch. This pup is one of the most popular among the small dog breeds. These fearless canines are considered to be very elegant and gentle and caring towards their family. So shower all your love on these tiny little pups as they are completely worth it.

The Boston terrier is a favorite among dog lovers. They are extremely adaptable and truly love people, kids, cats and other canines. They make very loyal friends.

This pup is often considered to be not the most attractive one but it sure is cute. These awkward looking canines are smart, adaptable and cat-friendly. This breed isn’t considered to get along well with kids. So they’re better suited for single owners.

Pomeranians are curious and intelligent canines. They are bold, active and very easy to train. Their cuteness makes them the perfect show dog. They get along well with other pets like cats but tend to get a little intolerant of misbehavior.

This pooch has a vibrant personality which is reflected in its appearance. Generally an indoor dog breed, they’re considered to be gentle, playful, amiable and fun loving. These tiny delicate pooches require great attention and love from all the family members and in return they’ll provide endless amounts of love too. Also they require a lot of grooming to maintain their looks.

These canines look like a real version of children’s stuffed toys. These spunky canines love to be with their human friends all the time and are quite playful. These super fluffy and cute pups are more affectionate towards other pets and humans.

These cute yet assertive canines are known for their devoted and dauntless nature. They tend to prefer adults over children and share a close bond with their beloved humans. They are frisky and beautiful and love being pampered. Owners have to spend a considerable amount of money on their furry friend to maintain its luxurious look.

These super lovable little pooches are referred to as Scottie by humans. They are confident, courageous and faithful canines. As much as they love their family, they are equally suspicious of strangers. They are best around adults and grown up children.