30 Times A Smart Aleck Had The PERFECT Answer.

30 Times A Smart Aleck Had The PERFECT Answer. November 1, 2018

If you work with kids (or kids at heart) or live with them, you know that they can say and do the darndest things. Sometimes they do it to make you laugh (and it usually works), give you attitude, or because they genuinely mean it (which is a little bit worrisome in some cases). Today, we’re highlighting the work of smart alecks, those people that irritate us because they act like they know everything. As irritating as they are, they can also be entertaining. After all, that’s how this stuff ended up on the Internet. There are a number of ways you can respond to smart alecks. You can outsmart them, which can either encourage the behavior or shut them right up, or you can completely ignore them. There will be times when you won’t know how to respond at all, and examples of such times are listed below. You’ll wonder where these people came from!

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