20 Awesome Pics That Will Make You Smile.

20 Awesome Pics That Will Make You Smile. April 5, 2020

Are you feeling a little down? Maybe the world has been unkind to you recently. We’ve all had those moments, and we wished that there had been someone or something to pick us up from our funk. Well, fortunately, you’re in luck because we have a collection of photos that will definitely put a smile in your face. So, if your life is falling apart, deadlines are tight, and bills are piling up, stay calm and look at these beautiful images. They’ll brighten your day in an instant. Who knows? You might even laugh your butt off and forget about your troubles. At the very least, these pics will help you relax and maybe get you through an otherwise boring workday.Heaven really is a place on Earth, at least for this dog, who loves nothing more than to sunbathe without a care in the world. Who cares if the sun is setting?

Oh, isn’t this cute? Our hearts are melting. Who knew that a cat and a duck could be awesome BFFs?

Don’t worry little one. Mommy wasn’t about to let you drown either. Man, is nature beautiful or what?

Our faith in humanity has been restored with these two. Have you ever seen a kid this happy?

This has been going on since 2014 and it shows that a father/daughter bond grows stronger with every year.

They say that dogs are man’s best friend. We’d say that this is a freaking understatement.

Not only did she install a GPS app on his phone, but she also taught him how to use it. Give her the employee of the month award now, please!

This raccoon has just gotten proposed to, but it doesn’t know what to say yet. It all happened so fast!

For 17 years, she’s taken some hilarious self-portraits and changed the way we look at aging women.

She wanted two things in life, to be a cop and to have a police dog and years later she got her wish.

He must have done a great job mowing lawns to get one of his customers to help him out like this.

This young man was so awesome that seeing the elderly man’s distress, he decided to jump in and play.

At least Charlie over here had an impressive report card because he’s such a good boy, he deserved to be graded.

It looks like the employees at this shelter can take the day off as everyone has adopted their pets.

This young woman has a dog, a goat, and a pig for friends, and we have to say…we’re a little jealous.

These monks have a whole new reason to smile about, courtesy of their newest four-legged member.

Who needs a guardian angel? This dog is doing just fine, and we’ll bet that he’s a great conversationalist.

A year later, that boy is looking healthier, has more meat on his bones, and a fresh pair of clothes. I’m not crying, you’re crying!

This professor was the exception. He not only kept her kid calmed, but also kept the mom in class.

It seems that the cat is too big to catch anything other than flowers, so she drags flowers home instead. We’d adopt her in a heartbeat!