This Cute Dog Walks Like A Mini-Human, But Animal Lovers Are Outraged.

This Cute Dog Walks Like A Mini-Human, But Animal Lovers Are Outraged. June 7, 2019

What dog owner doesn’t love teaching his or her dog some tricks? It’s a win-win situation: you get a hoot out of how smart your dog is while your dog gets a tasty treat! Dog tricks should be restricted to a certain level. If your dog trick involves hurting your dog even in the least bit, you are definitely crossing the line. Recent footage of a dog walking on its hind legs has gone viral on the Internet. And while the phenomenon looked incredibly impressive and “cute,” people failed to realize how this act could negatively affect the dog in the long run.In the video, the small dog resembles a kid walking while wearing a white top, pants, and a backpack. The footage showed it running down a street in China.

They didn’t know if what they were looking at was real and they didn’t know what the appropriate way to react was. Some thought it was cute while others were left curious.

The video was posted by the account “Wanghong Doudou,” which translates to “Viral Smol Bean” in English.

The account now has over 34,000 followers. In addition to the video that went viral, the account has several other videos of the same dog dressed in various outfits.

After she gained so much attention, she started receiving doubt from her watchers. People began questioning whether or not the footage was real.

Judging from the other videos that have been posted, Smol Bean really is walking on her two hind legs.

In addition to her Huoshan Video account, she also has a Weibo account that has over 1,300 followers.

Her profile photo shows us something new. In the photo, she’s posing next to a man in front of a car. It can be assumed that this man is her owner.

They also post videos of their dogs walking around on their hind legs like little people.

A video of a dog walking on its hind legs around a hospital went viral last year on YouTube. It brought up many concerns of animal cruelty.

It is unnatural for dogs to walk like humans. In order to train dogs to stand and walk on their hind legs, the owners have to abuse them.

Such videos have disgusted many people and left them feeling ashamed for ever thinking such an act was cute.

In one of the clips, Smol Bean is shown moving her front legs up and down while sitting. The owner guides her with his hands and rewards her with a treat when they’re done.

It is very possible that the unfortunate pup was trained the same cruel way behind the scenes.

Walking on its hind legs can cause a dog a lot of physical pain. It’s inhumane to make them do something that’ll hurt them just for a few laughs and praise from others.

**This will make you rethink about all the dog videos you’ve seen in the past and thought were cute. Are the tricks we saw purely innocent or do they cause the dog pain in the long run? Watch the short video below to see how owners use abuse to teach their dogs how to walk on its hind legs.**