Snakes Who Were Killed By Their Own Food.

Snakes Who Were Killed By Their Own Food. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Although not all snakes are dangerous, enough horror stories of some of the reptiles’ deadly bites can make anyone stay away from all slithering creatures. Despite their quick and stealth attacks, snakes can sometimes bite more than they can chew, literally. Maybe it’s a case of over confidence or perhaps animals may be lethal but not necessarily the brightest in the animal kingdom. Here is a look at times when serpents went from being the predator to victim of their own doing.Most times pythons will eat a smaller snake but in this case it went for an equal. Unfortunately, the venom from its species was the real winner in this fight.

An African rock python was found dead on Lake Eland Game reserve in South Africa in 2014. The four meter reptile swallowed a 30-pound porcupine.

This fellow shot its quills once inside the snake.

Also known as “Snake Island” the 4.2 grams viper swallowed a mass centipede weighing 4.8 grams. Not only was the centipede bigger but it was also wiser as it just cut its way through the snake, thus, puncturing all the major organs of its predator.

The 12-foot-long beast had the blanket in its cage to keep it warm according to its owner. The python’s vet estimated that it took Houdini approximately six hours to consume the eight feet, 60-pound blanket. Luckily, an emergency surgery saved Houdini just in time.

Neil McDougall from Julatten, Australia found a four-and-half metre python dead after it ate a pig.

The unfortunate event took place on October 2005, when researchers found the headless python was found along the South Florida Natural Resources Centre.

The large reptile was killed by the South Florida Water Management District after it was found on October 27, 2011.

The 18-foot-long python picked on a pregnant ewe, but it was so big the snake wound up regurgitating it in the village of Kampung Jabor in Malaysia. Firefighters had to be called to have the overstuffed python removed from the road.

It wasn’t until they followed the fowl stench coming from their backyard when they found a decomposing python and their beloved cat peeping from the snake’s body.

Local residents captured the fight between the two beasts in Lake Moondarra. The 10-foot snake coiled around the crocodile in the water. It later came on to land to consume its enemy.

The python went after a kangaroo when it coiled itself around it, crushing it in the process. People watched as the reptile stretched its jaw open to fit the animal in its mouth. It took hours but the python managed to get the kangaroo’s whole body into its belly.

A farmer in Georgia realized what the snake had done and took it to a wildlife sanctuary where emergency surgery was performed to remove four large golf balls. The python who was named Augustus was released back to the wild after a couple of weeks.

A five-foot black rat snake mistook a white ceramic egg left in a chicken scoop to encourage hens to lay their eggs as a real one. The farmer had to take the rat snake to a wildlife center were they performed an emergency surgery on it. Luckily, this snake survived to warn others that not all eggs are alike.

A four-foot pine snake in Gainesville, Florida, swallowed two 15-watt electric bulbs. Luckily for this snake, it was taken to the University of Florida’s College of Veterinarian Medicine where the light bulbs were surgically removed.

A customer noticed how one of the reptiles attacked its own tail, even drawing blood. It turns out, snakes held in pet stores are not always placed in ideal conditions, causing them to feel confused and stressed.

Specially since its food of choice was a full grown cow. Despite many attempts to swallow the animal whole, the anaconda wound up regurgitating the cow.

Reports say people climbed trees for safety as little kids watched in horror as the python swallowed a 10-year-old boy.

The python wound up regurgitating the dog as it was too large. The large pup, unfortunately, was dead by then.

The python was able to get its jaws around the animal before getting the whole body in.

The eight-foot snake was spotted in the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana. It took the reptile 45 minutes to get the antelopes body in all the way.

A family woke up to find a reticulated python dead and bloated. There was panic at first as they didn’t know who the snake had eaten first. They later discovered it was actually the family’s pig that the snake swallowed.

Although the reptile soon realized the hippo was too much to take and would up regurgitating it.

Residents heard screams and began a search. They found a large python had killed and swallowed the man whole.

Snakes are capable of stretching their bodies to allow them to consume their prey. This wild animal had no chance of survival when it came face to face with the massive reptile.

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