He Saw A Box In The Snow, What Was Inside… I Wasn’t Prepared To See THAT.

He Saw A Box In The Snow, What Was Inside… I Wasn’t Prepared To See THAT. December 7, 2018

When we adopt a pet, we are taking responsibility of a life. We are supposed to love, protect and care for them, provide attention to their every need and ensure their well being. But there are some humans who don’t understand this. They are heartless! Once bored with their pets, they turn their backs on them, leaving these poor souls wondering where their human is and why did they abandon them.It might sound harsh and ruthless, but the truth is that in most cases, the one responsible is the owner itself. How cruel is that? These little ones cannot talk, but their gestures speak louder and are clearer than any language.

In the month of December, a man got a call and was informed that the roads in a particular area were blocked due to heavy snowfall. When he went there to clear the way, he found a box. What he found inside the box sent shivers down his spine.

It was placed under some branches to keep the top on. Moreover, the box itself was white in color, which made it almost impossible to spot from the road amid all the snow.

This tragic scene broke his heart. The kittens were extremely scared and malnourished. Though they had two dishes of food and a blanket with them, the snow and chilly weather had taken its toll on them. There was no way they would have made it alive if it wasn’t for this angelic man who was sent there to clean up the snow.

Upon further observation, it became clear that the cat at the back of the box was in better condition than the one in the front. Unfortunately, the latter was extremely sick. It was full of feces, smelled like urine and had gunk around his eyes and nose. It seemed that the poor feline was struggling to make it through.

After a warm bath, their rescuer realized how skinny they were. He also noticed that the cats didn’t seem to know what to do with the cat food they were served. It was speculated that those poor cats were rarely fed and all they got to eat were leftovers.

They were officially named Tango and Cash by the rescuer and are now leading an extremely happy and healthy life. Their health has substantially improved over time. These two are living proof that a little love and affection can go a long way.